dishing-3003_NeiceNiece of the Week: Stephanie Shippae

All she has to do is say “Hey Everybody…” and you know it’s Stephanie. An entertainer since the 1970s as a young teenager, she is a true Tampa Bay Icon.


You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Everybody in GaYBOR loves Bud and Jeffery. Bud can swear like a sailor and doesn’t hold anything back. We were all excited when Bud got a new wheelchair scooter. One day Tea Cup was busy on the balcony at Hamburger Mary’s. He was working with two senior couples from Iowa who were being a challenge. Bud pulled up, Tea Cup turns around and said in a very loud voice “I’m sorry but this is not a handicapped parking space. You need to move it!”

Classic Bud, he said, ” I don’t give a GD f–k, you SOB! You can just go F yourself.”

Tea Cup yelled back, “That’s it.. I’m going to call the nursing home and have you picked up again!”  They both started to laugh.

When Tea Cup turned around, the two couples from Iowa looked like deer in headlights with their mouths wide open. Tea Cup smiled and said, “We were just joking.” The two tourist couples didn’t give Tea Cup anymore trouble. LOL

AM 820 Features Our Gay Story

What an honor to have the former four-term Mayor Dick Greco and radio celebrity Dan Maduri ask us to be on Dan’s high-rated radio program on Tampa radio station News Talk 820 AM. He called and spoke directly, as the mayor always had.

“With same-sex marriage now legal in Florida, and there are gays in the Tampa news, I want you and Mark to come on my radio show! I want you to help educate my listeners.”

Our store, MC Film Fest, is located at 8th Avenue and 15th Street in what was for 50 years Dick Greco’s parents’ hardware store, King -Greco Hardware. Dick also grew up in diverse Ybor City. We have pictures and bullet holes to prove his stories!

The noontime weekly radio show, airing on Mondays, focused on a different subject than his huge statewide audience was accustomed, and that was gay life in Tampa.

We have had many great visits with the former mayor and his lovely doctor wife, Linda. Dick asked us to go on the air and talk about local and state LGBT issues and help educate and inform his audience. Here is that interview in four parts.

The Interview

Curiosity got the best of us. We are well-known local movie buffs. We watched the worldwide controversial and talked-about movie, “The Interview,” on Bright House Cable.

The movie was very light-hearted and full of very funny jokes. There were a lot of gay ones that would go right over a straight person’s head…or maybe not? We give “The Interview” three out of five stars.

New at Cristino’s

There is a new weekend Italian Brunch Buffet every Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cristino’s Italian Restaurant is adding this new brunch to celebrate their first anniversary at 8th Avenue and 17th Street in Ybor City. Their inventive foodie cousin, visiting from Italy, is a famous celebrity chef and university cuisine professor there. He has been sharing new secret recipes that you’re going to fall in love with.

Michael Wilson has joined the team as a manager here. Yes, the Sheriff is now in the house! Stop by and welcome Sheriff Michael home to GaYBOR. Then order some great Italian dishes. Mangia!

Thank You Metro!

We’d like to give a special “thank you” to Metro Wellness & Community Centers for your very generous sponsorship to Tampa Pride!