Putting the finishing touches on your house can be a long process. You want to ensure that your beautiful house has the right organization, furniture, decoration and all-around great design that makes an unmistakable impression that this is your house, and that it feels 100% like you. In addition to our many advertisers featured in this issue, here are some resources you can use to put together your dream home.

HGTV: The TV Channel and the Website!

You’re a fan of this channel, I’m sure, but did you know their website is even more useful? You can get the best tips for interior design right at your fingertips by going to Not only will they give you ideas based on your budget and your overall theme (springtime in Florida, anyone?), they have photo galleries and helpful how-to videos. Don’t forget to buy furniture you’ve seen on HGTV programming!

Furniture and Home Accessory Websites

Be sure to shop around for the furniture pieces that you feel will complete your home. Aaron Rochester from Island City Traders told us that less isn’t exactly more when picking out furniture. “A good trick is to simply select smaller scale pieces, allowing you to introduce more accent pieces which are typically only found in larger rooms…Adding variety gives the eye more to look at and fools the brain into thinking there is more to the room,” he said. To ensure you get as much variety in your home as possible, take inspiration from a number of websites, such as, national chains such as IKEA, Ashley Furniture and Ethan Allen (,,, and local businesses such as Island City Traders (

Be sure to remember accessories and decorations. You will find that HGTV, IKEA, Ethan Allen and most other websites already mentioned also have selections for home decor. To give yourself an even broader range of items to choose from, visit Interior HomeScapes ( There you’ll find thousands of sleek and stylish additions to your home, ranging from sculptures and wall decor to lighting and rugs.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot should be the best friend of anyone who is in the process of redecorating or remodeling their house. With over 160 locations across South and Central Florida, you are never far away from people who can help you. Before you go to the store, visit their website at There you can see products in the decor, flooring and lighting departments, among others, and you can find out how Home Depot workers can help you move and install your new purchases in your home.

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