In Week 4 of Season 7, there was no Mini Challenge, but rather one big challenge which was to make a parody video of one of Ru Paul’s Songs. There were 3 teams and in the end the winner was Kennedy Davenport. The bottom 2 were Pearl and Trixie Mattel and in the end it was Trixie who sashayed away.

At what age did Drag become an interest & how did you pick your name?RuPaul-WeeklyTrixieMattel_copy1

I kind of fell into it! I mean, I used to pretend to be Ariel in the bathtub, but that was at a very young age- 15 or 16. I got Trixie because I had a rough relationship with my step dad and he used to call me a Trixie when I was acting too feminine. Then Mattel happened because I always wanted Barbie’s but I wasn’t allowed.

How many times did you apply to be on RPDR and how did it feel when you found out you got chosen?

I applied once when I was 21 and then again this year. I was screaming and crying. I ran out the front door of my apartment and ran down the street laughing.

How did you choose Trixie’s Make-up Look and how long did it take you to perfect it?

I used to look a lot softer, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I was reading a book about dolls through the 50’s and 60’s around the world and I kind of decided looking like a woman or even a human being wasn’t priority for me. So I became this kind of child’s toy caricature. I’m always pushing it further. I look more extreme today than I even did on the show.

Is there an additional pressure now that RuPaul has been on for 6 seasons?

At this point, when you go on Drag Race and you aren’t prepared, you really have no excuse. Because you know what you’re signing up for.

Tell me about your RuPaul’s Drag Race experience?

Filming it was traumatizing. But my life afterwards is everything I’ve ever wanted it to be. I get to be Trixie Mattel for a new audience every night. It’s amazing!

As a comedy Queen, what did we not get to see from you?

My snatch game as RuPaul would have put all you bitches in a grave.

How are you going to leverage your time on Drag Race?

I’m trying to keep my food service skills up for when season 8 comes out.

Who do you want to win?

I’m afraid to answer for legal reasons. I don’t want to end up locked up in RuPaul’s basement again.

Tell me about the man behind Trixie?

I’m devastatingly handsome, yet approachable. Seriously, I’m just a normal-ass person with an abnormal-ass career.

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you.

I’m a diehard video gamer. It’s really my only non-drag hobby.

What’s ahead for Trixie?

Well, episode four taught me that I’m not funny, I’m bad at singing, and I am not a good lip-syncher. So I might transition to corporate law.

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