Episode 9 of Drag Race brought us the much-loved “Reading is Fundamental” mini-challenge. Many of the “gurls” were funny, but in the end Trixie Mattel won. The maxi-challenge was a screen test for the new “Rusical” based on John Waters’ most iconic scenes. The guest judges for the week were John Waters and Demi Lovato. The teams of Ginger and Trixie, and Kennedy and Katya, killed it, and the winner was Ginger (well-deserved). The bottom team was Pearl, Violet and Miss Fame. Violet was safe, leaving Pearl and Miss Fame to lip sync for their lives. In the end, the stunning Miss Fame sashayed away. (Sad.) 

At what age did drag become an interest and how did you pick your name? MissFame

I was already dressing as a club kid from the age of 18, but my identity in drag developed four years ago when I moved to New York City. I wanted to set my intentions on something really big, so I set my name to Miss Fame, even before the character was developed.

How many times did you apply to be on RPDR and how did it feel when you found out you were chosen?

This was my second year applying. For season seven, I was doing a lot of modeling, fashion photography and film, so I had a great audition tape and I think it gave me an edge. Getting the phone call was so exciting and so validating for me. I felt very emotional and I couldn’t process my feelings in front of the casting crew on Skype, but when I got off the call I had an emotional breakdown. I was and am extremely grateful.

Is there an additional pressure now that RuPaul has been on for six seasons?

Tons of pressure. It was the most pressure I have experienced professionally. You have to have a constant internal fire. I also felt additional pressure, because I have so many fans on YouTube and social media that I didn’t want to let them down.

Tell me about your RuPaul’s Drag Race experience.

It is the most influential thing I have ever done for my professional career. It is the most visibility I have ever had, and the [reaction] I have had, even in the midst of this elimination, has been so supportive. It gave me the chance to push myself even more than I ever have. I am determined to make things happen in my life!

I have to ask about your make-up and how you acquired those skills. You remind me of old Hollywood and I love it!

I am a realist painter. I was always a weird kid growing up in a family of athletes. I had the ability to paint ever since I was five years old, and my art teachers pushed me. It’s my natural talent, but I didn’t share it that much. I had to find a way to monetize my talent, so I turned it into make-up. I then turned myself into a living painting and became Miss Fame.

Who do you want to win?

I am an advocate for beauty and aesthetics and I am a huge fan of Violet. I think she is special. She has also became a dear friend and I would love to see her win.

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you.

That I grew up on a farm with chickens. I also isolate a lot and stay home, watching National Geographic, eating ice cream.

What’s ahead for Miss Fame? MissFameRubberDollSINGLEARTsm

My newest project is “Rubber Doll”, a single off my new album which will be released soon. I work with fetish clients and this song is about my relationship with them. Rubber Doll is on iTunes and at press time is #48 after just being released the night prior. I am also looking forward to releasing my album, more videos and of course traveling the country with live performances.

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