The gay book series Boystown, about the lives and loves of family and friends whose stories intertwine with Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood as a backdrop, has gained thousands of loyal followers over the past couple of years. When Hotspots talked to writer and creator Jake Biondi earlier this year, he was hoping that Boystown would make the leap from books to television. Boystown_copyNow, as the third season of Boystown is becoming available for purchase this month, he has some good news to share with Hotspots about his plans for the series on the small screen.

I was glad to be able to sit down and talk with Jake Biondi about these recent developments in an exclusive Hotspots interview.

Give us an update with regard to Boystown’s possible plans for television.

There are two different TV producers who have already reached out to me and said that they think it would be great for television. They’re both based in Hollywood but one is from Chicago, and I think he really connected with it, being from there. I’m in conversations with them now to option the book series, and if we make an agreement, we can start the casting process from there. After that, I want to introduce the series to investors and also to television networks.

Tell us about the third season of Boystown. Without giving too much away, which big plots will be covered in this book?

The main storylines involve the resolution of the explosion that ended season two, the search for the fourth Mancini brother, and the fallout from Jesse’s plan to break up his mother and her husband. Those are the three main storylines I can discuss without giving away who lives and dies from the event at the end of the second book.

Fan reaction also inspired me to explore the Cole and Derek relationship more in this book, we learn more about Gino, there is more of a focus on Justin, and the fans really wanted to see Joyelle with a new love interest, so I explore that as well.

The third season of Boystown is available via paperback and for e-readers on May 4. To purchase your copy of the third season (as well as seasons one or two if you haven’t done so), visit