SummerFashion-Syles_BannerLast year when I brought you this feature for the first time, I told you that I’m a big believer in buying local. As a former business owner myself, I know that it’s very crucial for the community to support small businesses. These swimwear retailers and boutiques know what they’re doing and give you quality products right in your backyard. Below are six different swimwear retailers and boutiques, and they’ve told us what their top sellers are and what’s new for summer. Check them out!

Studio W SwimwearSummerFashion_Swimwear_StudioW_3

Studio W is a very popular swimwear boutique in Miami Beach, and they’ve created quite a few popular styles for summer revolving around the “in” color this summer, which is white. First, let’s talk about their top seller: the Studio W brief, which is now in white specifically for 2015. It is also in black, red, and neon green. Other sexy options are variations on the trunk: they have a cut with a more classic look and also one that’s more sporty. All of these trunks incorporate white in some form.

Locations: 1200 Ocean Drive, Suite 102-103, Miami Beach; 219 7th Street, Miami Beach

Telephone: (305) 532-1402



T Fabiano Beachwear BrasilSummerFashion_Swimwear_TFabiano

It’s only natural that T Fabiano, who sells many cuts catering to Brazilian-style sensibilities, tells me that the Brazilian cuts are his top sellers. The version with red stripes gives off a vintage flair, the cut in blue with white trim is a fetching, masculine look, and the Brazilian Army cut is by far the most popular. Recently he has started a line of surfboard shorts which have a great fit. No matter what the cut, T Fabiano loves incorporating prints into his designs whenever he can.

Location: 1688 Meridian Avenue, Suite 507B, Miami Beach

Telephone: (305) 898-3400






Creative MaleSummerFashion_Swimwear_CreativeMaile

I spoke with Creative Male and they gave us the lowdown on what everyone likes in the Magic City. First off, tropical prints are not only cute, they are welcomed and popular with the store’s clientele. In particular, the bikini briefs with tropical print are selling very well. They’ve also noticed that swim shorts with pockets are very popular, probably because they can be worn as regular shorts after the beach. Square cuts with bright colors are popular right now, as are neon colors in most cuts, from bikinis to square cuts.

Location: 222 NE 25th Street, Suite 106, Miami

Telephone: (305) 573-3080



The Athletic ManSummerFashion_Swimwear_AthleticMan

I spoke to the owners at The Athletic Man and they let me know that the big trends this year are lots of hues, bright florals and vibrant patterns. The entire JOR line, direct from Colombia, is very popular right now, and it’s because they feature the colorful prints everyone wants. Another favorite is the Tulio swimwear line from Brazil, affordable in the $30 range. Square cuts and briefs are perennial styles and continuously rank among the store’s top sellers.

Location: 1433 NE 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

Telephone: (954) 764-4434



My TropixxxSummerFashion_Swimwear_MyTropixxx

My Tropixxx was excited to let us know about a really hot new swimwear cut from a brand exclusive to their shop, called Barcode Berlin. It’s a nylon square cut with a pouch for your goodies. Everyone’s raving about it, and in the $30 price range, it’s affordable as well. There’s also the boxer cut from Spenglish that’s popular, offered in various colors. Finally, if you want to bring sexy back, there’s a retro rip-stop nylon boxer from Rothco featuring the U.S. Marines logo on the leg. Oorah!

Location: 1514 NE 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

Telephone: (954) 522-5988



Pride FactorySummerFashion_Swimwear_PrideFactory

What always impresses me about the staff at Pride Factory is how quickly they can tell you what brands and styles are the most popular. If you like a Made in America swimsuit, take a look at their extensive selections from Addicted, Pistol Pete and N2N. There’s also the exclusive Wet Aardvark line, which only Pride Factory sells. The hot new trend at Pride Factory will be the sexy and masculine square cuts that Australia is best known for. BCNU, Blue Code and NIT, three popular Australian brands, will be coming to the store very soon!

Location: 850 NE 13th Street, Fort Lauderdale

Telephone: (954) 463-6600



Miles Clothing Co.SummerFashion_Swimwear_JMiles

Miles has all the swimwear you need for this scorching hot Florida summer, and everything is priced at $25 each! There are new swimsuits for summer available from popular brands like Pistol Pete, Tulio, Sauvage, Vuthy and Cocksox. Bikinis, square cuts and thongs are always popular, but this year they are seeing a rise in sales for tapered boxers as well as board shorts with a shorter-than-normal hemline. Nautical themes as well as prints, holdovers from last summer, are still what the customers want right now.

Location: 2300 NE 7th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

Telephone: (954) 565-8096


After you’re done reading this issue, take a look at last year’s summer swimwear issue. You may very well find some styles you don’t own yet, and must have!