SummerFashion_Styles_bannerIt’s always nice when someone compliments the way you look in clothing. We spend a lot of money to make ourselves look presentable, and sometimes it can be very demanding keeping up with the current trends. I’ve scoured the most recent fashion weeks from all over the world to let you know what trends are coming to Florida. Some may have already arrived!


The “skinny jean” is out!SummerFashion-3020_SkinnyJeans

I can’t emphasize this one enough, because the trend worldwide has been calling for roomier garments for months now. Put your skinny jeans back in the closet and trade them in for a pair that has more of a relaxed fit. If you think roomy means baggy, think again. Roberto Cavalli debuted a white cotton ensemble at Milan Fashion Week and it looks as comfortable as it is fetching. You don’t have to sacrifice showing off your figure with this new trend!







Match your accessories from head to toeSummerFashion-3020_Accessories

Last year I told you that pocket squares were coming back in style, and they roared back with a vengeance. Now if you wear a suit without a pocket square, you’re simply not keeping up with the times! Here’s the trend for this year: match every accessory you can think of with a bright color. I mean everything, even down to your shoelaces. Sky blue is a very popular color this year, as are other pastels and even neons. The best way to make a cute first impression is to give someone reasons to comment on your appearance. Neon green pocket squares, ties and shoelaces will certainly do that!


Denim shorts are backSummerFashion-3020_DenimShorts

Denim is back in general, but this may be a surprise to quite a few people here in Florida: denim shorts are making a comeback. Many years ago denim shorts were declared “out” and were relegated to soccer moms and retired tourists, but some cute new designs are making their way stateside very shortly. In London and Milan, shorts are either cutting off right at the knee or just above it, which is in line with the current hemline for all kinds of shorts in the U.S. Keep your eye out for sky blue denim, as that’s extremely popular right now.





Bright checks are in for suitsSummerFashion-3020_BrightChecks

Checkered suits are a very cute way to express your individuality while looking your best at work or at important community functions. This trend has been brewing for a year or two but it looks like this is the time for bright checks to sweep across America. The most popular colors right now in Europe are anything pastel. Pair a blue suit with a nice light grey checker pattern and you have a look that’s sharp and professional. Want to go wild? Checks in colors as light as yellow are also in.






Cooling colors are inSummerFashion-3020_CoolingColors

Something Floridians will love to hear: cool neutral colors are in! Nobody likes wearing black during the summertime in the Sunshine State if they don’t have to! The designers in London decked out their models in white for shirts and for pants, while the fashion mavens in Milan are going crazy for cream-colored clothing. Their chic designs have taught me that all-white ensembles are not just for old men anymore, and I think quite a few hot and sexy men here in Florida will be rocking this look soon if they aren’t already.





Scented shoes?SummerFashion-3020_ScentedShoes

Every year there is a weird trend that actually ends up becoming ubiquitous. I still can’t believe floral prints were a trend for men, but they were, and some of you looked very nice and flowery! This time the weird trend of the season comes from the fine folks at Scentra, who were pushing their eco-friendly scented shoes very heavily at the fashion weeks. The sole of the shoe is scented with strawberry perfume and promises to keep your shoes smelling nice, even in this horrid Florida summer. This could be genius…but I’m skeptical. To find out more, visit Scentra’s website at

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