Nearly all of us shave on a regular basis, and finding the absolute cleanest shave not only will make your face feel better, it will make you feel better and more confident about yourself. Below, I’ve outlined some tips that will give you the best shaving experience possible, from start to finish.

First, make sure your facial hair is thoroughly wet. You run the risk of getting razor burn and Grooming-2015_shaving_copy2other rashes if you shave dry. Plus, hair becomes easier to cut and remove when water is involved. Also, be sure to pick a good shaving cream…don’t shave with just water or with soap and water. The best shaving creams have a high concentration of moisturizers (for a fresh feeling) and lubricants (to aid in painless hair removal). I recommend that you buy a shaving brush, because the brush will exfoliate your skin and ensure that the shaving cream is fluffy.

Select your favorite razor brand and make sure the blades are in top shape every time. If you’re in doubt and you use disposable razors, switch them out and shave with a new blade. Be sure to shave in the direction that the hair grows. Start on the sides by shaving down from the sideburns. Then move to the neck and the chin by shaving upwards at the neck and left and Grooming-2015_shaving_copy1right from the neck to the middle of the chin. Finally, shave your mustache by taking one lip at a time. Shave downward to the right on the right side of your upper lip, and shave to the left on the left side. To get an even better shave, re-shave the entire face with the grain while using a clean layer of shaving cream.

Wash your face thoroughly after your shave and make sure your skin feels its best by applying after shave. You may think you don’t need it in the seconds after your shave, but you can get a wicked burn in the coming hours. Think about it: when you shave, you remove an average of two layers of skin from your face. It’s natural that it will burn! Pick a good after shave; your skin will thank you.

Ask your pharmacist or drugstore clerk about shaving creams, razors, and after shave balms which might be the best fit for you.