Everyone wants to have a soft, youthful-looking, kissable face, so many of us moisturize on a daily basis. But does your moisturizer give you what you need, and more importantly, are you using a moisturizer that doesn’t have harmful skin irritants? It can be difficult to figure out what’s good for your skin and what isn’t, so I’m outlining some things to look for and what to avoid in a moisturizer.


Aloe – Floridians are no strangers to aloe, especially aloe vera, Grooming-2015_moist_copy1because its vitamins and minerals aid in skin care and maintenance. Its healing properties have been extolled by beachgoers for a generation, and it’s important to have in a moisturizer as well. Why wouldn’t you want aloe, considering it helps to regenerate healthy skin cells?


Grooming-2015_moist_copy4Carrot extract – This is absolutely essential. Rich in six key vitamins, not only does carrot extract help ensure your skin will stay youthful for a long time to come, it also offers side ingredients such as ethereal oils and carotene that help keep the skin moisturized all day long.


Grooming-2015_moist_copy6Omegas – These fatty acids help moisturize the skin not just on the initial application, but throughout the day, because they replenish moisture we may lose during the day. These key acids also fight early signs of aging, something that’s always appreciated in a moisturizer.



Mineral oils – These oils are petroleum-based and they will easily clog your pores, leading to unsightly blemishes and a nasty, greasy feel on your skin. The point of moisturizing is to look good while not letting everyone know you moisturize. Not only will it be evident if you use a cream with mineral oils, your skin won’t even feel healthy and young.

Grooming-2015_moist_copy2SD alcohol – This one is very simple: alcohol dries out your skin instead of moisturizing it. SD alcohol tends to be paired with formaldehyde in face creams, so make sure neither one of them are present in the one you’re using.


Grooming-2015_moist_copy3Heavy scents – Heavily-scented creams may be nice for your olfactory senses but they are not great for your skin, because they can cause surprise allergic reactions in people who may not be aware they had allergies. Avoid propylene glycol, parabens, and sodium benzoate, among other preservatives.