Dr. Jabal Uffelman is a physician that specializes in anti-aging and physical and sexual health treatments for both men and women in the South Florida area. He has a number of practices located throughout Broward County, notably Lasting Youth Cosmetic Solutions, located at 2000 S. Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale.RejuvaMax_Logo

He has pioneered such treatments as the RejuvChip, which is a pellet that is inserted into the skin via a small incision and is virtually painless. The RejuvChip, which lasts for six months in the body, is made of natural testosterone and boosts energy and helps patients have a more fulfilling sex life. He also offers the S-NAC treatment, which helps to prevent hangovers caused by excessive alcohol consumption, and also promotes overall liver health. His treatments are so successful that he has opened a clinic called RejuvMaxx, which deals specifically with men’s health needs. It is located at 1318 SE 17th Street in Fort Lauderdale.

I spoke with Dr. Uffelman about his multiple clinics and how he treats men’s health issues in this exclusive Hotspots interview.

Tell us about RejuvMaxx.

TYH-3031_copy3It’s a men’s clinic, and it’s staffed completely by men, and the clinic deals specifically with men’s health issues such as anti-aging and sexual performance. The focus is on improving sexual performance and overall energy, and we do that with the RejuvChip, which is a testosterone pellet. The RejuvChip is implanted subcutaneously, and this helps release the testosterone release minute-by-minute instead of in peaks like with injections. We do offer these shots, but our goal is to educate patients on the benefits of the pellets.

In addition to the testosterone, we also offer IV vitamin treatments, which are a lot more effective and work better on the body than if you take them by mouth. They have an anti-aging effect and they help with recovery time from workouts. There are also treatments we offer for erectile dysfunction, like the sublingual lozenge, which works for patients almost immediately.

Finally, we offer the RejuvShot, which is an injection into the penis, and it improves circulation. From there it increases libido and sexual pleasure, and results in stronger orgasms.TYH-3031_copy1

What’s the difference between RejuvMaxx and the Lasting Youth practice on Andrews Avenue?

Mainly the difference is that RejuvMaxx is a clinic that’s just for men and it’s completely staffed by men. In our Andrews office, we have many female employees, and with some men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction issues, they find it easier to speak openly about their issue with men over women. Also, all of our treatments at RejuvMaxx are specifically tailored for men and men’s health issues.

Can you tell us a little bit more about the RejuvChip?

It’s a pellet of natural testosterone and it is made in a specialty pharmacy. The RejuvChip is a brand that I created; testosterone pellets have been around since the 1940s. It’s really the most natural way to get testosterone into your body. There’s no shot every week, and there are no peaks and valleys with regard to testosterone levels. Also, there’s no damage to your liver and it won’t affect your blood pressure.

You’re also a licensed gynecologist. Do you find that women’s and men’s health issues overlap somewhat?

They do overlap, because both men and women are interested in anti-aging treatments and they both want hormonal optimization. There’s not really a huge difference, except that you would have to take into account that men would need higher doses of testosterone than women would.

Tell us about S-NAC.

TYH-3031_copy4It’s an antioxidant formulation is N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine and Sulbutiamine, which is a synthetic version of the B vitamin thiamine. It helps you recover from alcohol damage. You can take it before you drink, with a lot of water of course, and you can wake up with no hangover and you’ll feel like jumping on the bed. Most importantly, not only does it protect you from the effects of alcohol now, it helps protect the body from liver damage caused by alcohol consumption.

When I read about it, my first thought was, “Oh, that’s too good to be true.”

No, it really works. If you take it daily, it also helps with memory, increased brain function, and anti-aging as well. If you look up the basic ingredients, these are things you should be taking daily anyway.

What kinds of compliments have you received from your patients after you’ve successfully treated them?

Oh, wow, the compliments I get are absolutely amazing. People tell me that I’ve changed their lives. They feel more alive, more energetic, and they love the increase in their sex drives. Men come to us and go to their husbands afterwards and they’re both happier. I definitely get a lot of great compliments.

Lasting Youth and RejuvMaxx are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. To set up a consultation, you can call Lasting Youth at (954) 653-2196 and RejuvMaxx at (954) 703-4842. “Like” Dr. Uffelman on Facebook at