The Westin Colonnade, Coral Gables
Monday, November 16

Equality Florida, the state’s largest LGBT civil rights advocacy organization, has celebrated a number of wins this year, such as the legalization of same-sex marriage and unprecedented
bipartisan support for the Florida Competitive Workforce Act. But how do businesses express EMB_1their interest in becoming aligned with a group that does so much good work for LGBT Floridians like Equality Florida does? It’s as easy as attending a simple learning lunch.

Equality Florida will be hosting their most recent Miami-Dade “Equality Means Business” luncheon on Monday, November 16 beginning at 11 a.m. at The Westin Colonnade (180 Aragon St., Coral Gables). Names will be held outside one of the Westin’s ballrooms for verification and that will serve as the means of admission.

At Equality Means Business luncheons, each attendee is welcome to help themselves to a lunch EQFL-Business-Lunch_FIbuffet or similar lunch meal as set up by the venue. Typically lunches set up at hotels are part full-service (entrees) and part buffet (appetizers, dessert, coffee). After everyone enjoys their lunch, a panel discussion will begin, which outlines Equality Florida’s success in reaching out to various statewide businesses, and a representative from one of those businesses is usually available to explain how and why equality is important to their company, and how Equality Florida helped them realize their goal of equalizing benefits for the company’s employees. Emboldened, the companies now help Equality Florida stand up for equal rights statewide.

Heading up the panel discussion at the Westin is Nadine Smith, the CEO of Equality Florida. Also in attendance will be Gina Duncan, the Transgender Inclusion Director at Equality Florida, and Fred Livingston, the regional manager at Equality Florida statewide sponsor PNC Bank. To RSVP, visit and fill out the form. Equality Florida will then have your name, which they will hold at the door the day of the luncheon for verification purposes.

For more information on Equality Florida, visit