November 19, 2015
How Can You Help Your Favorite Non-Profit?

Since 1967, The Miami Foundation has helped the Greater Miami area by capitalizing on community investment, ensuring that money raised from donations and other philanthropic GiveMiamiDay_emailFIgiving stays in Miami-Dade County. The Miami Foundation’s work and donations have helped to make Miami a better place to live over the last 50 years. So can you believe that the Foundation’s biggest annual giving event has only been around for three years?

In 2012, The Miami Foundation started Give Miami Day, which allows all individuals in the community to make an impact on their area in which they call home by making donations to their favorite non-profit organizations. Allowing the community to make philanthropic decisions has a positive side effect, in that the Foundation may realize that certain charities and non-profits may need more attention than others in the future.

To participate in this fourth annual Give Miami Day, you don’t have to live in Miami-Dade County, but you do have to be interested in Miami-Dade’s welfare and you must donate to one of the 500+ local non-profits that are participating in the day of giving. Last year, over 19,000 donors from around the world raised $5.2 million for over 500 non-profits in Greater Miami, a one-day philanthropic record for The Miami Foundation.

Donations will be accepted right at midnight on November 19 and will end promptly at midnight on November 20. The Miami Foundation, The Knight Foundation, and other community partners will be making a bonus gift on your behalf as a thank-you for your donation. Bonus gifts will be given for any donations that fall in the $25 to $10,000 range all day long on November 19.

Some of your favorite non-profits will be participating in this year’s Give Miami Day. You can search up the charity of your choice by visiting and clicking on “non-profit toolkit.” If you are interested in LGBT-specific charities only, please select “Gays/Lesbians” from the pull-down menu.

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