International Drive is Home to Orlando’s Newest Gay Club

International Drive is an area of Orlando that caters quite heavily to tourists who come to The City Beautiful to visit the area’s numerous theme parks. It isn’t particularly well-known for its gay or gay-friendly venues, but a new club, Revere (6603 International Dr.), attached to the M Hotel, is hoping to change all that.

The club, which will celebrate its grand opening weekend on Friday,December 4 through Sunday December 5, wants to welcome a clientele that’s equal parts visitor and resident (the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando will now have its own gay nightclub). With a large, recently renovated hotel on-site, it’s quite easy to welcome vacationers, no matter where they come from!

Check out the club during opening weekend: doors open at 8 p.m. and there will be multiple DJs spinning for your enjoyment. On Friday night, DJ Joanie and DJ Power Infiniti will be playing their favorite Top 40 and electronic dance mixes. On Saturday night, DJ JB Burgos and DJ Edil Hernandez will be providing the music that will get everyone dancing and pumped up!

So what’s Revere all about? I spoke with one of the owners, Micah Bass, about the new club in this exclusive Hotspots interview.

How long did it take from having the idea to open up a nightclub to finally getting to opening week?

revere_mHotelWe started several months ago with the shell of the club, which used to be a restaurant that dated from the 1970s. After that, it took a while to figure out the flow of traffic, since the entrance is on International Drive, but now the hotel and the club can be seen from I-4 so we had to figure out how to accommodate the number of people who will come to the hotel and club straight from the Interstate.

What will Revere bring to the table that’s rarely seen in Florida?

We’re offering a different venue, for lack of a better term. We’re offering a safer place in the heart of the tourist district. We want to ensure that everything is clean, upscale, and friendly. I’ve rehabbed the hotel over the past year, giving each room a renovation, and I’ve found that our plans have been overwhelmingly positively-received by businessowners in the area.

What kind of atmosphere can partygoers expect from Revere?

The important thing to remember is that we’re going to be upscale but we’re also going to be welcoming to everyone. We won’t have a dress code on most nights, unless it’s a special event or a gala or something, so it won’t have a stuffy feeling. What people will notice is that the atmosphere will be upscale and the nightclub will give customers the best experience possible for the money they spend.

Tell us a little bit about some of the theme nights you have planned for the future.

One that I’m excited about is “’80s on the 8s,” which will be a night dedicated to ’80s music, and revere_mHotelPoolthose nights will be held on the 8th, 18th and 28th of each month. There will be a disco brunch out by the pool on Saturdays and Sundays, and there will also be bathing suit contests on those days too, because we want to take advantage of the club being so close to the hotel pool.

Then on Mondays we’ll have a “SIN” night, and we’re looking to recreate the feeling of the old Mannequin’s at Downtown Disney, which used to have a popular gay night. On Fridays, we’ll be inviting well-known DJs to spin for us, and we also have a purple room where we will be hosting LGBT comedians, cabarets, and other entertainers. There’s going to be a lot going on and everyone should see us.

Revere will be open seven days a week beginning November 13. For more information, visit or call (407) 485-3695. To book a room at The M Hotel, you can do so online by going to