Your pet gives you unconditional love, so it’s easy to spoil them, just as you would a child. For many of us, our pets are our children, so we’re always on the lookout for the newest toy or luxury for your best animal friends. Let me give you the rundown on ten cute products for the pets in your lives, whether you own a dog, a cat, or another pet.


pppottybellsPotty Training Bells – It can be a long road for a pet owner who is housebreaking his darling puppy, but it is important that it be done well. Potty training bells have been found to be 95% effective in training your wee ones. Hang the bells on your doorknob and teach your pup to ring the bells when it’s potty time. These bells are louder than normal so they can be heard from all over the house, and the rope is long enough for even small dogs to reach. ($26.99 at sassypup.netpphideapresent.)

Hide-a-Present Dog Toy – Puppies love new toys, and what better way to get you and your dog in the holiday spirit than by gifting puppy the hide-a-present dog toy? This one is made up of three presents which squeak when bitten or played with, and all three can be hidden in a moderately-sized velour Christmas tree. This will entertain your pup for hours, allowing him or her to problem-solve and play hide-and-seek, all in one toy. Made by Kyjem. ($19.97 at baxterboo.compppetcarseat.)

Lookout II Pet Car Safety Seat – Last year we shared a couple of cute pet seats, but this one is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen. This one is designed in a Vera Bradley-esque khaki quilt pattern and is made of comfortable microsuede. Lambs’ wool on the seat keeps the pet warm in winter and cool in summer. The booster seat is secured by a car safety belt, and a safety strap will secure your pet directly to the seat. It is machine-washable and there’s even a pull-out drawer in the seat for treat storage. ($124.99 at sassypup.netppzaniespuzzlestation.)

Zanies Puzzle Station Balls – Sometimes dogs play with toys only to tear them to smithereens, or they can tire from their favorite toy as soon as they see something new. Why not bring the Zanies Puzzle Station home to your dog? This two-pack of puzzle balls will keep your dog active and smart. Your pup will have fun disassembling and assembling the puzzle for hours and even days of play. You can also hide treats in the hollow portions of the balls. ($9.97 at

pppuppytoyheartbeatPuppy Toy with Heartbeat Golden Dog – This toy is for the most precious of baby pups. Has your pup had trouble sleeping through the night because he or she is missing mother? (Or you?) To help puppy sleep during the night, give him or her this cute dog. Inside the dog is a device that mimics the sound of a heartbeat, right next to a heat pack that mimics body heat. These heat packs are natural and last for up to 20 hours of sleep. Each dog comes with two packs, more are sold separately. ($40.99 at


ppsquirrelcatniptoySquirrel Catnip Toy – Cats love to chase things, whether it’s a laser beam or another pet or the squirrels running outside. Bring the chase inside the house with this set of squirrel catnip toys, made by PetCandy Land. These toys are very colorful and feature a long feather tail (each toy is 1.25 inches wide by 7 inches long, tail excluded). The squirrels are filled with pure catnip, so your cat is sure to enjoy it. ($5.99 at

Crunch and Wrestle Fish Toy – Cats also love to swat at fish in water…it’s probably the only ppcrunchwrestlefishtoytime cats love water! This toy by Petstages brings all the fun to the cat with none of the H2O. Watch your cat have fun hugging and kicking the squishy fish. At a length of 14.5 inches, it’s a good size for a healthy cat. Why not get a toy for your cat that will calm him or her down? This one does the trick. ($9.99 at

You & Me Loveseat Cat Scratcher – Cats love to scratch — it’s even a ppcatloveseatscratchernecessity — so it’s imperative that you find something for your kitty to dig his or her claws into (aka, not the carpet or the couch)! Buy a couch that’s just for the cat! This mini-couch (18 inches long by 8.5 inches high) is made of cardboard and is perfect just for your feline friend. This will definitely make kitty feel better. ($29.99 on 


PETCO Two-Story Hamster House – Some of us own hamsters and they are just as loyal and pppetcohamsterhouseloving as any other pet. Treat your hamster like a king (or a queen!) by buying the two-story hamster house made by PETCO. The house is made of wood, with painted details, and features a built-in shelf for treats. The hideaway will give your hamster lots of fun and exercise. He can even watch over his domain from the balcony! ($5.99 at

Acrobird Pyramid with Base – Life can be boring sometimes if ppacrobirdyou’re a bird. There are few opportunities for them to fly free, and they spend many hours in their cages. This acrobird pyramid, by Caitec, features a play area with plastic rungs and four diagonal ladders, a spiral staircase, and a hardwood perch. This play set is beak-resistant and hand-crafted to resist any wear your bird can throw at it. Made in 20″ x 20″ and 24″ x 24″ sets for medium and large-sized birds, respectively. ($59.99 at

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