Keeping the arts alive in Wilton Manors

Art Walk on Wilton Drive has been rebranded to Wilton Manors Art Expo and is taking a reinvigorated team approach to enliven the arts community within and around Wilton Manors. 2015ArtExpo_emailFIThey have assembled a team of businesspeople and people in the arts community to take Art Walk to the next level, hence the Wilton Manors Art Expo. They are also establishing a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) so they can give back to the surrounding community.

The Art Expo will be continuing with the third Saturday of each month, November-April format, from 7:00-10:00 p.m. The first Art Expo will occur on November 21. The Expo team has been out in the community talking to the local businesses to establish sponsors as well as contacting local artists. They currently have approximately 30 sponsors and have contacted over 700 local artists with more coming onboard each day. The focus of the team has been filling in “dead spots” on Wilton Drive to have the event flow from the north at Five Points all the way down to NE 20th Street. The team is looking at adding live entertainment of many disciplines to keep this event upbeat and exciting.

The Art Expo website is up and running at WMAE.ORG. The team has also established a Facebook account –, a Twitter account (@wiltonmanorsart) so they can live tweet during the events, and an Instagram account (@wiltonmanorsartexpo) to send out live pictures of the events.