Hamburger Mary’s Clearwater is one of the more recent additions to the Hamburger Mary’s family. It opened a couple of years ago and western Pinellas County hasn’t been the same since. Close to the Westfield Countryside Mall, this spacious establishment features a full bar, a partition that opens up a bar front on the adjoining patio, lots of seating for hungry diners, and fun theme nights.

Theme nights include charity “Ham-Bingo” with Melanie Minyon, team trivia nights on Tuesdays, MarysClearwater_castand drag shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, as well as Sunday mornings. I was there with my friend, DJ Danny Morris, on a recent Sunday morning to enjoy the brunch show, starring Hamburger Mary’s Clearwater show director Alicia Markstone and her friends Jocelyn Summers and Gina Karrington.

We got a front-row seat for the show, so I was very excited. Our waiter, Corey, took our drink orders, and then immediately summoned Jeremie, Hamburger Mary’s Clearwater’s head chef. Jeremie told us that he was going to surprise me with some of his favorite dishes. Danny decided to order some of his own to take home later. We were going to be drowning in food soon enough!

First, Danny’s mac ‘n’ cheese balls ($7.89) arrived. He said the thing he liked most about them MarysClearwater_macandcheeseballswas that they were piping hot, making the cheesiness all the more irresistible. I received Mary’s Handbag ($16.99), which could be a meal in and of itself! In fact, when Jeremie brought out the appetizer and saw the surprise on my face, he said “We don’t play with food here at Mary’s!” There were mac ‘n’ cheese balls, chicken tenders, fried pickles, onion rings, fried MarysClearwater_maryshandbagmozzarella sticks and hot wings. Everything was at a nice, hot temperature, the onion rings were crispy, and the chicken wings had such a great flavor. Even as I was sharing the appetizer with Danny, I knew that I was going to be full very soon!

Then Jeremie brought out the Mermaid Mary on a Raft ($12), which is something I don’t think I would have MarysClearwater_mermaidmaryonaraftthought to order for myself, so I was very glad I got to sample this. Ahi tuna was served on top of fried wontons with a wasabi and soy reduction. The flavor combination was the culinary equivalent of angels singing. It quickly became my new favorite dish there!

Then the main course arrived. Danny wanted a wrap, so he settled on the grilled chicken tender wrap ($10.29), which MarysClearwater_grilledchickenwrapincluded lettuce, cheddar-jack cheese and tomatoes, all tossed with Mary’s Ranch dressing. He thought the wrap was flavorful and had a perfect sodium content — not too salty, not lacking in salt.

Between us, we shared three other courses: the “Big Kahuna” Hawaiian burger ($11.29), the garlic parmesan pork chops with mashed potatoes and MarysClearwater_bigkahunaburgermacaroni and cheese ($12), and the grilled salmon dinner ($16.99).

The salmon was my favorite out of the three (even though it was so hard to pick!), because the salmon was very juicy and the teriyaki glaze was absolutely perfect with that cut of fish. The garlic potatoes were divine, especially as they were paired with even more garlic on the tender pork chops. Two dishes features macaroni and cheese, which was cooked homemade with lots of cheese chunks. The Big Kahuna burger is another one I was glad I got to try, because I wouldn’t have considered it due to the fact that it had a pineapple. However, the pineapple was so perfectly seasoned and marinated in the teriyaki sauce that the pucker of the pineapple was taken away. I could have eaten ten of those pineapple rings!

There were four entrees being shared between two people…I love my food, but neither one of MarysClearwater_marysstageus completed a single meal! We brought a lot of the delicious entrees home for us to enjoy later on that day. When Jeremie came back to offer us dessert, we had to throw in the towel! We let our food settle and then we enjoyed a wonderful brunch show. Alicia is great on the microphone and Jocelyn and Gina brought the energy on that wonderful Sunday morning. I had the best time!

Hamburger Mary’s Clearwater is located at 28910 US Hwy. 19 in Clearwater. Hours of operation are 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday. If you’d like to reserve a table for one of their special performances, such as their weekly Sunday brunch, call (727) 400-6996. For more information, visit