ManorTurns6_copy1The nightclub that revolutionized Wilton
Drive’s nightlife by bringing it a large dance club is turning six this Saturday night, and boy, have they got a party in store for the community! Doors open for Cirque Manor at 11 p.m. and according to manager Gary Santis, “The Cirque Manor theme will come to life with a theme-inspired decor, specialty choreographed productions, muscle gods, aerial acts, fire dancers and the crescendo of the evening will be a performance by America’s Got Talent’s finalists Christian Stoinev and Scooby.

As Gary stated, the night will star international hand-balancing act of Christian and Scooby as well as beats by DJ Paul DeLeon, and Go-Go Gods for your visual pleasure. In the Ivy room and pTheManor_logoatio, Noche Latina Saturdays presents divas Viva Mirage and Taina Norell as well as special guest DJ Larry Larr and Omar on the bongos. Doors are open from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m.; there is no cover until midnight, and only $5 after midnight for members and $7 for non-members.

When asked about how the last six years treated him, co-owner Brett Tannenbaum said, “These past six years have been such a wonderful ride. We will continue to grow and provide Florida and its visitors an international club experience with cutting-edge entertainment, shows, themes and the best light show in Florida.”

When asked how they were going to continue to be on the cutting edge, co-owner Paul Hugo said, “Brett and I have been in the nightclub business for 20 years now and we are consistently doing research on what’s the hottest trends in the industry so that we can debut them in South Florida. I believe our history is a testament on what the future brings for the Manor. A few months back we installed a top of the line lighting system. I can’t tell you what’s next, but watch for it, because you will be amazed.”

After speaking with the owners and management, it was a pleasure to sit down with Christian Stoinev for this exclusive Hotspots interview. 

At what age did you get into acrobatics?

When I was 10, because I was born into a circus family.  I actually started juggling and unicycling earlier than that, but at the age of 10 is when I started hand-balancing and I stuck with that.

How long do you rehearse every day?

Usually I practice for about an hour and then work out for another hour or two in the gym to make sure my body feels right for performing.

When did Scooby become part of the act?

We got Scooby because I wanted a pet companion with me when I was traveling with my family for the circus. I worked with him on tricks in the house, and little by little it developed into the act.

What made you try out for America’s Got Talent?

I thought it would be a fun experience. I had the attitude that I had nothing to lose. I wasn’t scared of failing.

How was the experience of being on AGT?

It was absolutely incredible. The best part about it was that we didn’t feel like we were in a competition with each other and the finalists all became friends. Performing at Radio City is a dream come true. It wasn’t about winning, it was about enjoying the ride as long as I was on it.

Where has life taken you since AGT?

My main thing is halftime shows for NBA games and college games. Since I am a huge basketball fan, it feels amazing to perform at these games. I made a career out of something I love to do thanks to AGT. It’s been absolutely awesome.

Are you excited about your performance at the Manor’s sixth anniversary?

I have never been to the Manor so I am super excited about performing at this spectacular venue. The other exciting thing is that I was born in Florida, so I am thrilled to go back home. It’s going to be a fun time.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

English is my third language. I also speak Bulgarian and Spanish.

What’s ahead for Christian?

I am so blessed, because performing is ruling my life. However, I would love to do more television projects.

To find out more about Christian, go to, or follow him on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) @castoinev. 

Don’t forget to go out Saturday night, November 21, to the Manor and experience what is sure to be a fabulous party, and while you’re there, wish Brett, Paul, Gary and the entire staff a happy sixth anniversary!