Andrew & Jesse Tsygan of Stack Up Nutrition Introduce ‘Enduro’

Photos by Gio
Andrew and Jesse are the sexy twins that have been seen around town for years. For those of you who haven’t met them, both of them are highly involved in the gay community and volunteer at many LGBT events in Miami and Fort Lauderdale (Photos: Gio).

With partners, they recently started the business Stack Up Nutrition, and have come out with the product line “Enduro.” Before we talk about their new venture, I thought it would be appropriate to give you a little history about Andrew and Jesse.

The twins were born and raised in Queens, New York City, and in 2002 their family moved to Boca Raton, however, a majority of their time socially and professionally was spent in Miami as they quickly became immersed with Miami’s sexiest restaurant, hospitality and club impresarios. The main reason they moved to Boca was because they were professional tennis players (Boca has some of the largest tennis academies in the nation), and they played junior professional tournaments around the U.S.

During their first year in college, they met a woman who headed up one the largest real estate agencies in Miami; she ended up going solo, later hosting her own television show on cable. She decided to interview them and liked them so much she hired them to work with her on the show. Because they share a Russian background, she asked them to bring a high status celebrity, preferably a Russian entertainer to the show. They got lucky and scored one of the biggest Russian recording artists (comparable to Madonna), which firmly cemented their force in the Russian entertainment industry.

When they graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2010, they both started working at a private equity firm specializing in hedge funds, however, they kept working in the entertainment industry as managers and publicists. At the end of 2011, they left the firm to go work as music tour managers for Russian artists, doing public relations, as well as local bookings and events.

Next, Andrew and Jesse formed a partnership with a private boutique talent management agency in Los Angeles. From there, they broke into the gay scene. They were given the task of booking Janice Dickinson, whom they booked at The Manor. This event was one of their big breakout moments in South Florida’s gay nightlife scene. After Janice, Andrew took Glenn Packard on as a full time client and started attending many LGBT events. Eventually, they became known as the “entertainment twins” and Brickell Magazine named them as two of the “Top 20 Under 30” featured entrepreneurs.

For their next project, they moved to LA with the ultimate goal turning Mark Wahlberg’s fictional TV approach of the prestigious Hollywood agency business (Entourage) into a reality. After pursuing various stints in showbiz, including working assistant positions with high profile celebrities and nightlife jobs, they got a job in the mailroom at APA Agency, one of the largest diversified talent agencies in Los Angeles. Although still working for APA, they ultimately came back to Florida to continue working in the Latin music business of live concerts and artist promotions.

Stemming from their background in tennis and their passion for health and fitness, they realized they should start a lifestyle/fitness brand. The Stack Up Nutrition team is led by a group with a passion for working out; many of whom come from athletic backgrounds outside the typical competition arena, so they understand the importance of building a brand that gives back to the everyday gym-goer as well as to experienced athletes.

Their mission is to contribute to global fitness by being disruptors in the constantly evolving nutrition and fitness industry. They develop premium nutritional supplements that inspire customers to live healthier, more active lifestyles, and achieve their fitness goals through proper diet and nutritional support. They believe their customers deserve only the best quality and service, not convention! They possess the progressive qualities of a startup, listening to what consumers want and in return creating products that are healthy, honest and essential. To help grow their brand into a recognizable product, they are partnering with international fitness ambassadors, trainers, classic physique competitors, and social media influencers to create a powerhouse team.

LGBT-friendly gyms have been popping up in neighborhoods for years. The gay gym culture has taken over in urban areas across the country, from West Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale to San Francisco and Dallas. They are hoping that Stack Up Nutrition will be a leading brand affiliated with the LGBT market, for both men and women.

The Enduro Series was created to satisfy the pure demand in the evolving fitness and sports industries. A supplement line was formulated for fitness lifestyles and increased athletic performance, which offers unrivaled flavor, proven results, and clean ingredients. Their four products include:

Enduro Release pre-workout maximizes energy, mental focus and stamina required to push yourself in the gym, fueling your drive to stay motivated throughout the entire workout.

Enduro Revive – BCAA – is a game-changing formula that promotes anabolic growth and protein synthesis during both building and cutting cycles, while replenishing electrolytes. Revive BCAA aids in correcting hydration imbalance critical to physical and mental function, and increasing protein synthesis, resulting in more muscle growth.

Enduro 32 – fat burner – helps you see that definition by revving up your metabolism and torching your body’s fat stores. Their fat burner’s active ingredients engage the three-step fat loss process: Release, transport, and burn to metabolize carbohydrates into energy.

Enduro Whey helps build muscle tissue, speed up muscle recovery, and build lean muscle mass, providing a full 5g serving of BCAAs per scoop and clean grass-fed protein without additives.

Their motto is to party hard, train harder.