So you are hosting a party for the Big Game, which means you are probably stocked with chips and snacks, turned your restrooms into “locker rooms”, and maybe have a field goal decoration somewhere in the house. Creating this fun environment is appreciated by your guests, but they are most interested in watching the game so don’t forget to focus on their viewing experience.

There is a reason why stadiums have “stadium seating”– it provides optimal non-obstructed viewing of the activity. Nothing upsets a fan more than missing the big play because of someone’s head in the way. You probably can’t reconstruct your living room to provide different levels, but you can make sure that your seating is situated so that everyone has a clear view of the TV.

Sectionals are great because they provide a lot of seating and un-obstructed viewing. If you don’t have one you may want to try to arrange your current furniture in a design that emulates a sectional.

Consider renting a projector, a large screen, and surround sound to enhance the viewing experience for everyone.

A great way to add a lot of “apparent” seating is to use standing cocktail tables or bar tables. These can be rented inexpensively at a local party rental and placed in the rear of the room. Standing while watching the big game is perfectly acceptable and in some cases preferred. Your guests will love this option.

Snacks and drinks go hand in hand with watching sports and things can get messy. This is probably one of the reasons why stadiums are concrete: they can simply hose the sucker out to clean up peanut shells, discarded nachos, and spilled beer. I doubt that your living room is concrete but probably all the aforementioned will be present at your party. Plan accordingly to ensure your guests have fun and save you from a complete meltdown from spills. Another option is placing a tarp on the carpet to catch any spills and allow for quick clean-up once the party is over.

Everyone loves eating nachos at football stadiums, so add a nacho bar in the back corner of the room. Make sure it is placed behind everyone, away from the TV, so there isn’t any distraction for the viewers. Include various cheese dips, salsas, refried beans, jalapeños, lettuce, and an array of meats.

Set up a Bloody Mary bar on the kitchen island for all the ladies, as it is the perfect place to socialize. Include a vast array of garnishes, like salami, pepperoni, cheese sticks, pickles, and more.

Make sure that each seat has a safe place to rest a drink and food. Otherwise, ill placed items will go flying during the “big play”. Cube ottomans can be a perfect fill-in if your room lacks table space and they still keep your room looking stylish.

Add a booth next to all the food where people can predict the final score for a fun prize!

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