Thanks to apps, your smartphone can be the ultimate wingman.

Sure, the world of online dating apps can be a tricky, overwhelming place to navigate with plenty of guys using “alternative facts” in their profiles.  Also, let’s be real: most guys on apps are looking for quick hook-ups over anything more substantial.  But there are plenty of guys who have found love, marriage, and LTR on apps.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we enlisted the dating and relationship experts at Jack’d to explain the do’s and don’ts of finding true love online. Here are their top ten tips.

  1. Put Your Best Face Forward

“First impressions are everything,” says Alon Rivel, Brand Manager at Jack’d. “A simple headshot is ideal and gets the most responses because guys can see who you really are. If you are looking for a serious relationship and connection, it is important to lead with how you want to be perceived. Leading with a cute and playful headshot helps attract the right kind of audience to your profile.”

  1. Mo’ Photos, Mo’ Photos

“Include as many additional photos as are allowed,” he continues. “Use each image to show a different side to who you are. One can be you on the weekend with friends, one can be you in a suit on your way to work, and another can be you on vacation on the beach showing some skin. Diversifying the photos is ideal.”

  1. Keep It Classy

According to Phil Henricks, VP at Jack’d, “The biggest mistake guys make on apps that sabotages the possibility of finding true love is leading with their sexual images.” It should go without saying that sending inappropriate pictures before even introducing yourself first is not they key to LTR.

  1. Choose a Name

Henricks adds, “The profiles that get the best results for finding love are those that use real names with emojis. The real name attracts serious-minded men and the emoji adds a touch of personality to the profile. Names that look like screen names or are overly sexual will get responses but not necessarily the best results for love.”

  1. Things Not To Say

“Sup?”, “Nudes?”, and “DTF?” are some of the most overused phrases out there. Guys like to be approached in a way that grabs their attention without turning them into a piece of meat. “Avoid saying these overused phrases at all costs,” warns Rivel.

  1. Consider Hello Instead

When reaching out to a guy for the first time, Rivel says,  “The best intro line is simply ‘Hey, what are you up to today?’. Also, ‘How is your day going?’ works well as it starts a positive conversation that can lead to something more serious.”

  1. Be Real

Guys tend to fib on their profiles, especially when it comes to their weight and height. Don’t do it. Also, be truthful about what you’re looking for. A lot of guys are scared to admit they want real intimacy. “Own that you want an authentic relationship,” suggests Henricks. “Saying you are open to a hook up but secretly hoping for more will lead to disappointment.”

  1. Make Sure He Is Real

There is always the potential for a catfish situation. The way to avoid them is to make sure the guy you are talking with has multiple photos and can verify who he is by sending you more photos when you chat.

  1. Look Outside The Box

“You should consider giving guys who aren’t your usual type a chance because trying something new can lead to growth and potential connections,” says Rivel. He may be on to something. Look, you are still single so there’s a chance the guys you have been seeking are not exactly right for you.

  1. Be Online During Peak Times

Interestingly, there is an actual time that most men are on the apps. For Jack’d, 7 p.m. is the sweet spot—so you might want to be on the app around then. Also, enable push notifications so that you are aware when a guy in your area has swiped on you or sent a message.