So you got a date for Valentine’s Day this year, now you need to figure out where to take him. Hotspots shares our ideas for great dates around South Florida for new couples and for those who have been together forever.

1. Dinner at home and a bubble bath- Everyone knows that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so cook your guy a nice dinner and run him a warm bath. After you eat, whisk him to his warm bath while you clean up the dishes. Then, bring him a glass of wine and join him in the tub.

2. Revisit your first date- There is hardly anything more romantic than knowing that your  loved one remembers the important moments. Take your man on a trip down memory lane and head back to the scene of your first date. Think of the things that you wish you had done and recreate them or just spend the extra effort to get the same table and order the same dishes that you had way back when.

3. Couples Massage session- Check out your local spa for Valentine’s Day specials. Our friends at The 5 Elements Spa & Longevity Center (2288 Wilton Drive) have an extra special Valentine’s Partner Session which is a package that features chocolates, champagne, a sea salt soak, and special instructions for you and your partner to learn how to give each other massages. A great way to connect with your man and push all his buttons. Find out more at

4. Hula Dancing Class- Every Monday and Tuesday, the City of Wilton Manors offers Hula classes at Hagen Park Community Center. (2020 Wilton Drive) This class is a great way to show off your hip action while learning more about Hawaiian culture and burning a few extra calories. After you dance, head over to one of the local watering holes and have a glass of wine with your special guy.

5. Picnic in the park- Sounds cliché but who wouldn’t love some alone time with an amazing guy, a bottle of wine and a delicious dinner prepared just for you. If you don’t already know, find out what your guy’s favorite food is then prepare it for him. Pack it up in your car and head out to any of the parks around South Florida for a classic picnic. Bonus points for an actual picnic basket and a checkered table cloth to sit on!

6. His favorite restaurant- This one requires a bit of forethought since restaurants tend to book up early for V-day but if you act fast, you should still have time to get a reservation. Take him to his favorite place and turn up the romance. Keep the phones away and forget about Instagram and Twitter for a few hours and just enjoy each other’s company.

7. Get outside!- Take advantage of the amazing South Florida weather and go for a walk, rent kayaks, or play some tennis together. Get your blood pumping and get sweaty together with your clothes on for once. The couple that plays together stays together.

8. Spoil him with a care package- Pick up a couple pairs of really sexy underwear and maybe a new graphic T shirt from one of the many gay clothing boutiques in Wilton Manors and Miami. Find some nice smelling candles and a DVD of a movie that you haven’t seen yet. Get a red gift bag and some Valentine’s tissue paper (think Dollar Store)and put everything in the bag. Finish it off with some cupcakes. Boom- an amazing care package that will keep you entertained All night long in and out of the bedroom. Bonus points for jock straps and flavored lube!