“The Bitch is Back!” takes over Fort Lauderdale March 16-April 9th

Joe Posa, brings his spot on impersonation of the late and great comic icon Joan Rivers in “The Bitch Is Back!” to the Empire Stage Theater (1140 North Flagler Drive, Fort Lauderdale) from March 16 to April 9th. It would be easy to rave about how good Joe is, but I don’t think I can say it nearly as eloquently as these two journalists did:

“As someone fortunate enough to have interviewed the real Rivers a few times—the final time, her last major interview before her death in August 2014—“the similarities of voice and presence between the figure—the performer, Joe Posa—and Rivers are resonant and mesmerizing.”  Tim Teeman, The Daily Beast”

“The voice is exact, the hairdo and clothes as Joan wore, the mannerisms and jokes were making one believe that this was indeed Joan Rivers on stage.”  Gary R Beck‎, Puerto Vallarta Restaurant & Entertainment Guide

It was a pleasure to sit down with Joe/Joan and her husband/manager, Frank Ribaudo for this exclusive Hotspots interview.

What’s the first drag show you ever attended?

I saw Lypsinka in New York City in the Village. I was so impressed by him and I loved his Theatrical approach. It was in the late 1980’s.

When did you start doing Drag, and what made you start? When did it become your career?

I started out as a dancer and did a lot of theater and for fun after shows, I would grab a hairbrush and lip sync Barbra [Streisand]. People thought it was great. Sometime later, I started an act without make up imitating different famous stars. I knew nothing about make-up, costumes or hair. Then in October of 1993, an Evening at La Cage came to New York at the Blue Angel and they were casting. So I attempted to do the hair, makeup, and costumes and I went in to audition. Everyone in New York wanted it and they were only hiring seven people. They hired me and worked with me, to help me learn how to do my make-up, etc. and it changed my life. I was cast as Barbra and Liza at the Blue Angel on 44th street. We did six or seven shows a week. I then started doing the club scene and it took off from there.

When did you start impersonating Joan Rivers?

I had always loved Joan and her New York Sensibility and the fact that she was a survivor in life. In 2002 I decided I was going to try impersonating her, and the first time was at the Boatslip in Provincetown. They were doing a fundraiser called the Hollywood Ball, and I thought Joan needed to host this event. I had four to six weeks to get it together and luckily it went really well. I then incorporated her into the shows I was doing.

Shortly afterwards, I started getting more and more requests to host events and do red carpets as Joan.  She was so hot, I was getting so much work impersonating her that the other characters became secondary.

Did you ever meet Joan Rivers?

I got hired to go to Houston Texas to do a red carpet as Joan. Unbeknownst to me Joan Rivers was the host of the event. We both went on stage together and afterwards she invited me into her dressing room and we got to know each other. We had a connection. She was like a mother, so nurturing.

She invited me to come to any of her shows complimentary. Sometime later, I did another gig with her. It was on CBS This Morning, promoting her then Show “How’d You Get So Rich?” We arrived in her limo and as they introduced Joan Rivers exiting the limo, it was actually me as Joan, followed by Joan.

You are now performing with Tony Tripoli, how did that come about?

In 2012 I decided to contact Tony about maybe opening up for him. For those of you who do not recognize the name (as I am sure you would recognize his face) Tony had five incredible years as a regular opening act for Joan Rivers. He was, and still is executive producer and head writer on E!‘s hit show, “Fashion Police,” and  he was also a cast member on “Joan And Melissa: Joan Knows Best”, and the online phenomenon, “In Bed With Joan.”

I invited Tony to come do a show with me in Boston.  Before he said yes, he asked Joan who immediately gave her approval, and said, “I love Joe Posa, he is my favorite Joan Rivers Impersonator”. We performed together at Club Café, the club my husband owns, that same year.

Since you mentioned him, how did you meet your husband Frank, and how long have you guys been together?

I met Frank at Club Café in October of 2000 and we have been together ever since.

How did this Show, The Bitch Is Back, Joe Posa as Joan Rivers,” come about?

In 2014 I saw Joan perform live again in Provincetown. We met at the VIP reception after the show.  I told her I am doing you in the show down the street, but of course I always do you respectfully, to which she replied “You Can Do Me Disrespectfully.” It turns out it was the last time we would meet. Just two months later she passed, and about a year later I decided I wanted to do a tribute to her. I called Tony, and we put this show together. He opens for me now the same way he used to open for Joan. He does the first 30 minutes and then I do about an hour.

We have successfully been touring the show from New York to Los Angeles and 15 or so cities in between, as well as a recent two week engagement in Puerto Vallarta at The Palm Cabaret. Being able to bring this tribute show to Fort Lauderdale, our community, is truly very exciting.

Putting her comedy back out there is a powerful piece as she left us so suddenly and tragically. I do this as a tribute to her life! I have also gotten more edgy, as I feel I am channeling Joan in the performances.  It’s really a healing process for both of us to keep her comedy alive.

How do you capture Joan so perfectly?

I need to feel the journey of who that person is to impersonate them. Joan was a survivor of show business and suicide [of her husband Edgar Rosenberg, in 1987], and she has many parts of her that were compassionate because of that. She is in my head when I’m performing. I am her. I feel like I am channeling her. I’m a vessel for her work and her voice

Tony gave me the most amazing compliment ever, he said: ‘People can look and sound like her, but you smell like Joan.’”

How do you keep Joan with you?

Joan’s favorite piece of jewelry she sold on QVC was the Bee pin. Bees are not anatomically correct to be able to fly, but they do. It’s the same as Joan’s life as she defied all the odds and became successful. In Puerto Vallarta, as I was writing the script for one of the video’s for my show, produced by Broken Heel at Cinema 31 Studio’s right here in Wilton Manors, I couldn’t get rid of a bee that was flying around me. I realized Joan was there.

Joan had three Bee Pins that she kept for herself. For my birthday, in August, Tony gave me one of Joan’s Altoid cases, which she always carried with her. In the case were three Bee pins that she had worn. I was so honored to get this. I wear them on stage all the time, so Joan is always with me.

Don’t forget to catch Joe in “The Bitch Is Back!” at the Empire Stage Theater from March 16 through April 9th playing Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm and Sunday at 5pm. You can order tickets at