Alaska Thunderfuck, Courtney Act and Willam Belli first hit the scene as The AAA Girls in American Apparel’s  “Support  Artists,  Support  Ethical  Manufacturing”  campaign. They later released the holiday single, “Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man”. Then this summer, they debuted their album, “Access All Areas.”  The album’s first single, “AAA Girls,” received rave reviews and climbed all the way to No. 2 on Billboard’s Comedy Album chart.

(Author: William Cooke)

This fall, the AAA Girls are hitting the road, traveling to fifteen cities to perform songs from the album along with some fierce comedy.  The tour lands in Orlando on September 25.  Tickets start at $39 but fans can purchase packages that allow them to take photos with The AAA Girls, get autographs, and even join them on-stage!

Alaska Thunderfuck explains more.

First of all, congratulations on winning All Stars 2.  That had to feel good.

It didn’t really feel that different from losing.  Only now at shows, I’m announced as “the winner of All Stars 2.”  I really did it for my mom.  She and my family had a huge celebratory night when it happened.

It was a huge accomplishment.

Getting to do what I love —  to perform, create art, and music — is really a huge accomplishment.  I’m very lucky and I’m very grateful.

How excited are you to launch The AAA Girls North America Tour?

I’m lactating.  Usually when I tour,  I’m waking up at 4am, rushing to an airport where I have to take my shoes and belt off.  On this tour, I get to wake up at 6am, board a tour bus, take my shoes off and sleep in my coffin bed like Justin Bieber.

And spend time with your favorite girls, Courtney Act and Willam.

Courtney will be steaming her vocal chords, Willam will be sucking dicks, and I’ll be watching The Golden Girls in the tour bus.

What makes The AAA Girls “Access All Areas” tour different from all the other drag tours out there?

Our tour is more than just a concert or a drag show. It will be documenting the rise and fall of a girl group, the conflicts that often arise, and the imminent demise that is inevitable whenever a group of feisty, opinionated performers get together.


What can we expect from you on stage?

I always treat a show like a wedding.   I do something old, something new, something stolen, and something blue.

The AAA Girls recently released their debut album.

I’m very proud of “Access All Areas”.  We each got to bring a little of what we do to it.  Willam brought naughty, irreverent parodies of hit songs.  Courtney brought a fun pop vibe and I brought bizarre original songs that only make sense to a very tiny niche of the world.

Do you have a favorite on the album?

I like “When the Water Runs Clear”.  It’s sort of like Cher and Heart had a baby.

The first single, “AAA”, climbed to number two on the Billboard Comedy Album Chart.

Number 2 seems appropriate.

The music video is super fun!  

It was terrifying to shoot.  We were riding hoverboards and ribbon dancing with a drone that had sixteen propellers and was a more three feet above our heads.  I was scared and I’m glad we didn’t die.

What’s next for The AAA Girls after the tour?

We’ll break up, try out our own solo careers, and then eventually be forced to reunite for millions of dollars.

Why should all of Orlando come out to see The AAA Girls North America Tour?

Because it will be very fun and Willam may fellate you.

The AAA Girls “Access All Areas” North American tour takes place at Venue 578 (578 N Orange Ave) in Orlando on Monday, September 25 at 9pm.  Tickets are available now at