­“I see each and every one of you. The things that make you different? Those are your superpowers. Every day when you walk out the door, put on your imaginary cape [and] go out there and conquer the world! Because the world would not be as beautiful without us in it.”

-Comedian LENA WAITHE in the Emmy acceptance speech for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for Master of None, the comedy-drama web television series on Netflix. Waithe, the first black female to win in that category, thanked her girlfriend and her “LGBQTIA family.”


 “What is proven to help our patients is to help them accept who they are. Conversion therapy starts from the assumption that you should not accept who you are…”

-TONI REIS, spokesman for Brazil’s National LGBT Alliance, after a federal judge in that country ruled that psychologists could consider homosexuality a disease.

“They want marriage because they want to destroy it. There will be no Mother’s Day, there will be no Father’s Day, there will be no Easter, there will be no Christmas.”

-Homophobic Australian tennis legend MARGARET COURT, opposing marriage equality in Australia.

“Obviously, I disagree with the dismantling of many of the important measures that President Obama put in place to create an even playing field and advocate for civil rights for Americans. But elections have consequences. I don’t think we should be surprised about the steps the [Trump] administration is taking. That’s why President Obama campaigned so hard for Secretary Clinton. And he expressed quite clearly during the campaign what was at stake here.”

-VALERIE JARRETT, former senior advisor to President Barack Obama, in an interview with LGBT journalist Karen Ocamb of the Los Angeles Blade.

“You don’t need to be superhuman and you don’t need to be perfect. Simply live the best you can, and God will take care of the rest.”

-Fort Lauderdale’s own international drag icon SHAWN PALACIOUS (aka Kitty Meow) on Facebook.