What was the first drag show you saw and tell me about the experience?

The first drag show I went to was at Club Chambers in Tampa in the early 2000‘s. I didn’t know that kind of entertainment existed, and I’ve always been in entertainment my whole life.  Growing up in New York I was a backup dancer for *NSYNC city high and did a few TV appearances for nickelodeon. When I moved to Florida and I saw that you can do drag and make money it made me really excited.

When did you decide you wanted to do drag and when did you realize it would be a profession?

After seeing the show at Club Chambers in Tampa in the early 2000‘s that’s when I decided I wanted to do drag and wanted to make it my profession. I realized that you could make it a profession by watching these girls seven days a week on the stage, in a cast, in a real show.

Who is your drag mother and who is your favorite queen other than your drag mother and why?

I have a lot of drag mothers that I look up to so I won’t name a specific one. I tend to grab my inspiration from all of them including Jocelyn Summers, Tandi Andrews, Tanisha Cassidine (may she rest in peace) and many others.

What’s your favorite number to perform and why?

My favorite number to perform would have to be “Como La Flor” from Selena. She is my ultimate idol and I feel my best when I’m performing her music.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you in drag?

The best thing that’s happened me in drag was being told that my performance and persona was the reason why someone didn’t go through with committing suicide. I inspired them to not go through with taking their own life.  I have an amazing fan base that follow me religiously and I’m happy that I could inspire and project positivity to my fans.

What differentiates you from other Queens (Makes you Unique)?

What makes me different from other queens is I can be booked for anything. I am a chameleon and if you need someone for a certain party it’s me! I’m not even Spanish and I perform Spanish music at Latin nights. Also, I am a gymnast and not many queens know how to tumble on the stage in high heels, so I feel like that sets me apart as well.

What does the future hold?

The future for Nicky Monet is very simple: I am going to continue what I’m doing, and let my business grow. I am hoping to open a store within the next five years with all of my goods. I sew and rhinestone every single costume you see me in, so my future includes having a costume business.

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