We caught up with Dimitri Bakoulis, who is the Patient Coordinator/COO at Genesis Health Institute, just a couple weeks before their 10th anniversary celebration. Dr. Cabrera, who happens to be his spouse, and Dimitri opened the Genesis Health Institute back in 2007.

When did Dr. Cabrera graduate from Medical school, and what did he initially practice?

Dr. Cabrera received his medical degree with Honors in 1983. He practiced as a board certified internist until we opened the Genesis Health Institute in 2007. He gained his medical expertise providing healthcare in various settings starting at the VA Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico to varied private and HMO Practices, as well as hospital ER settings in the continental US.

What made Dr. Cabrera open Genesis Health Institute?

Great question… Dr. Cabrera became frustrated in how traditional medicine is practiced… he wanted to offer true “Preventative Healthcare”… to slowdown age-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and inflammation. He also wanted to help improve quality of life for his patients; energy, libido, brain function, body composition and overall “Joie de Vivre”. This is where the Genesis Health Institute came from.

If someone never heard of Genesis Health Institute, how would you describe it?

Our elevator speech… okay, here goes… We are a full service Anti-Aging Medical and Aesthetic Health Center… we exist to help people look and feel their very best… we journey along with our patients through the various stages of aging… our patients range in age from their 20’s where we help them stay youthful to their 80’s where we help them feel and perform as youthfully as possible. Everyone wants more energy, better sex, nicer body, more youthful face and skin…we support achieving all of these.

What are the top services you offer at Genesis?

The top three treatments with the greatest impact on our patients are Bio-Identical Testosterone Therapy, HGH/Human Growth Hormone Therapy and IV/Intravenous Nutrition Therapy. They support increased lean muscle, energy, libido, brain function, hair and skin production, better sleep and body fat loss. We have also become experts in sexual enhancement treatments (P-Shot, Oxytocin) facial aesthetic treatments (Skin Tightening & Brightening, Facial Fillers, Wrinkle Reducers) and body rejuvenation treatments (Laser Fat Reduction and Laser Hair Reduction).

How do you know or make sure each client is getting what’s best for them?

We start by doing a specific panel of lab tests to determine the physiological baseline for each new patient. We also ask some pretty in-depth questions… most importantly though, we LISTEN. Dr. Cabrera spends over an hour talking with patients initially and together they create and launch a treatment plan focused specifically on achieving that patient’s goals. As treatment continues, periodic lab tests and follow up visits with the doctor and Genesis staff continue to ensure patient’s goals are being met. We find that most patient’s goals are ever evolving and so are their treatment plans.

Do you take Insurance/Payment plans?

We take most health insurance for lab work… we accept most credit cards and cash of course for visits and treatments. We don’t offer in-house financing with the top three treatments mentioned earlier, but each of them start at only $150 a  month.

What does the future hold for Genesis Health Institute?

We look forward to helping more in our community over the next ten years. Dr. Cabrera and I are planning our future in philanthropic work specifically to benefit life and spirit here in south Florida.

What are your plans for the 10th anniversary?

We’re having a party and the whole community is invited… it’s Thursday, February 8, from 5-7:30 p.m. at our Wilton Manors location. We’ve partnered with associates who’ve donated prizes to be raffled off during the event, things like facial filler, wrinkle reducer, skin care items, and PRP/Vampire Treatments. We will also have beers, wines, soft drinks, hors d’oeuvres, etc. Please just RSVP to 954-561-3175 by February 3.

Genesis Health Institute is located at 1001 NE 26th St, Wilton Manors, FL 33305, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5p.m. (closed Sundays and Mondays). For more information or to make an appointment call (954) 561-3175.