Latrice Royale

Latrice Royale, INC & Peaches Christ Productions proudly present a most holy & hilarious drag-show parody “Mister Act.”

“Mister Act” will star Latrice Royale, Willam, Peaches Christ, Heklina and more at Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale on February 2. This show marks the South Florida Premiere of San Francisco Icon Peaches Christ’s cult movie send-up. Peaches Christ, perhaps best known as the host of San Francisco’s Midnight Mass, created this drag parody of the film “Sister Act,” with the show having already seen sold out performances in San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland.

Drag superstar, Florida resident, and reformed criminal Latrice Royale stars as a struggling Reno, Nevada drag performer who spills the tea after she accidentally witnesses the murderous side of her showgirl “sister,” LeWanda Balenciaga, portrayed by South Florida legend Tiffany Fantasia. Latrice finds herself in the rare position of having to re-enter the closet and hide, but lucky for us she finds a whole new way to express her drag habit after she flees to Fort Lauderdale to impersonate a nun at a struggling church on skid row in the urban ghetto of Wilton Manors.

It seems Sister Willam has a hidden talent for singing and tucking but just needs it to be brought out… her voice that is. When Reverend Mother Christ suggests that Latrice use her “experience” to direct the failing church choir, Latrice embraces the challenge and eventually makes the parishioners EAT IT. Much to the dismay of the grumpy choir director Sister Heklina

(Founder of San Francisco’s Tranny Shack), Sister Mary Latrice handles her choir with ease, featuring NUN other than the talents of South Florida’s own Rose of Boca, Tayanna Love, Joanna James, Elishaly D’Witshes, Kalah Mendoza (your current reigning Miss Florida F.I.), and your current reigning Mr. and Miss Pride South Florida, Judas Elliot and Delores T. Van Cartier (literally named from the film!!!).

“Mister Act” is a huge hit that knows no bounds… until Ms. Royale’s trashy past catches up with her!

It was a pleasure to sit down with South Florida superstar and friend for 20 years, Latrice Royale to talk about her involvement in “Mister Act”:

How did you become involved with this project, and did you attach to it from the very beginning?

Well, this project was actually created exclusively with me in mind and is brilliantly tailored to suit me by the one and only Peaches Christ. A lot of South Florida might not be familiar with her, but she has been doing drag just about as long as I have, just on another coast. Peaches, or Joshua Grannell by day, created lots of parody plays that have included my Drag Race sisters like Jinkx Monsoon, Bob the Drag Queen, Bianca Del Rio, and, of course Willam from my season, who also appears in “Mister Act.” Not to mention her long-time cohort Heklina, another San Francisco legend who we are lucky enough to be bringing to participate in this production as well!

When Joshua asked me to do this, based on my incredibly professional and enjoyable collaborations with him on some other projects, I was honored and thrilled that he wanted to work with me. We were looking for a way and a reason to work together and Sister Mary Latrice was born.


You are now one of the producers—do you enjoy that end of the entertainment field as well?

Being a producer makes me even more proud to be a part of this. I have always believed that no one but you can make your dreams come true. I continue to learn about this business every day, and this is just one of the many areas I have chosen to develop and grow.

When the show travels to different cities, do you always involve local entertainers, and why?

Peaches ALWAYS makes sure to involve as much of the community as possible in her productions wherever they may travel, and maybe the most meaningful part of it for me is being able to give my South Florida sisters an opportunity to shine in a new light. Drag Race gave me an opportunity that not everyone gets, to showcase my talents.  Peaches has never been on television like that, but it has never prevented her from being internationally recognized and successful.

Much of the talent featured in this particular production comes directly from the South Florida pageant scene, including winners of my own Mr. and Miss Pride South Florida. You can’t take everyone with you, but I’m so excited to share the stage with my dear chosen family.

What should the South Florida audiences expect from “Mister Act”?

A brilliant script that reflects the people and culture of South Florida in a way that they won’t expect. I love playing this version of Whoopi’s character, and especially because my hometown audience will be so familiar with parts of my own scandalous past, it will be a really unique opportunity for us to not only celebrate how much we love this movie and the music in it, but have a good ol’ laugh at yours truly. This is going to be a once in a lifetime moment, and I hope to see a bunch of familiar faces there!

Catch “Mister Act” for one night only on Friday, February 2 at the Parker Playhouse at 8 p.m. with tickets starting at only $41.