In 2007, John Pradon, who was originally hired as a bartender two weeks after 321 opened, was eventually promoted to assistant manager and then General Manager. After five years, John bought out one of the original two owners and three years ago he bought out the second owner. In October 2016, he bought the property that the business sits on, and the rest as they say, is history.

It was a pleasure to sit down with John, just a couple weeks before the 11 year anniversary of 321 Slammers.

John Pradon

Now that you have been the sole owner for 3 years, is the business everything you expected it to be?

Having been the manager of 321 for many years before purchasing the club, I was prepared to take the leap to ownership. Owning such a well-known and loved club is very satisfying and, with the help of such a great staff, members, and friends, it’s definitely living up to my expectations of owning one of the best private men’s clubs in the world.

What are the changes you made?

We try to keep things constantly evolving at 321 and try to experiment with new concepts and ideas regularly. Since I purchased the club, our staff has increased in size and we’ve implemented some new pricing specials and special nights, like our Tuesday night free member-sponsored vodka cocktail nights for men who shed their clothing while in the club. Going forward, we’re going to try some other new things including an EDC (Enforced Dress Code) night once a month that will require all members to be nude after entry. More details about that to come! There are more ideas being tossed around and suggestions from members and staff help keep changes coming.

I hear 321 is a Bottle Club. What does that mean?

321 being a bottle club means that we do not sell alcoholic beverages but a member may bring his own bottle and have drinks served from that bottle. All alcohol must be brought in by members, registered at the club, and kept behind the bar. It will then be served to the member upon request. Only hard liquors are kept behind the bar for those with membership cards. Alcohol belonging to those who enter on a one-time membership, and all wine and beer, is not kept. It is always discarded after we close each night. Mixers for drinks are provided free of charge. We offer other items for sale that include soda, water, Gatorade, Red Bull, snacks, etc. Members are not allowed to bring in any other outside food or drink items. And, like all other bars, our bartenders work for tips, so tip them well!

If someone had never heard of 321, how would you describe it?

321 is a private membership club for men. Our amenities include public and private play areas, a BYOB bar, slings, glory holes, and more. We’re now a non-smoking club, but do provide a smoking lounge outside on our patio. Our members include a wide variety of types and ages of men so there’s usually always something for everyone here. Mostly, it’s a great place and can be as much or as little as a guy wants. Some people want to play; some want to watch. Then there are some who just want to have a drink, relax, and socialize. We offer all of that and more. The members and staff are very friendly and accommodating and look forward to showing you a good time! One stringent rule: No cellphones or recording devices are allowed inside the club. Leave them at home or check them at the front window before you come in.

What should your current and future customers expect from the 11th anniversary of 321?

Our parties have become well known as some of the hottest and most popular gatherings in the city and the 11th Anniversary Party will continue that trend. Hundreds of men will be in attendance to help us celebrate. Attendees can expect a member-sponsored open bar between 9 and midnight, giveaways, and one of the hottest nights they’ll ever experience.

What does the future hold for 321?

We have a lot of plans for the future of our club. In the coming months, we’ll be completely re-paving the main parking areas, replacing our roof, and continuing to add more unique play spaces and amenities. More long-term, we’re planning a complete renovation of our bathrooms and an overhaul/upgrade of our bar facilities along with some changes in our interior lighting.