The Miss Florida F.I. Pageantry System is proud to announce that Miss Florida at Large 2018 will once again be held at the World Famous Parliament House on Monday, April 23. Although many pageant systems have started since the Miss Florida F.I. organization started, they have followed the lead of Miss Florida F.I. Pageantry System, and although Miss Florida F.I. is a state title, the system has always been recognized as a national pageant.

The owners who plan to uphold the vision of original owners Keith Landon and Rene Rodriguez include: Alyson Thomas, Scott Holland, Victor Zepka and Gary Santis, The Miss Florida FI at Large Formers include: Angel Sheridan, Joey Brooks, Andrea Lovelace, Lola Lush, Luna, Alicia Brooks, Sierrah Foxx, Lorrie Del Mar, Carmella Marcella Garcia, Nicolette Ashton, Jasmine Skiies, Jocelyn Summers, Sasha Sommers, TP Lords, and Nicole T Phillips.

It was a pleasure to sit down with Angelica Sanchez, our current reigning Miss Florida F.I. at Large for this interview:

Why did you enter Miss Florida F.I. at Large?

The reason why I decided to compete for Miss Florida at Large is because it’s been a big Legacy in the State of Florida and I’ve had so many sisters that competed and won before.

How did it feel when you won?

I felt privileged once I won because I realized that a lot of people paved the way for us to have a great system like Miss Florida.

How has being a Miss Florida F.I. at Large helped/changed your career?

I feel like Miss Florida has changed my career because now I have a bigger fan base in the south Florida area as well as surrounding areas plus it also allowed Alyson and I to become even closer than we were.

Are you excited to give up the title?

I’m excited to give up the title, but I’m also sad at the same time because I’ve had such a great reign and met so many wonderful people that I don’t want the experience to end. However, I realize someone else must win.

What does the future hold for you?

I feel in my spirit that my future looks bright. I have made so many connections by being Miss Florida and some of the other titles that I’ve been blessed to win, so I see a lot of work in my future and helping others.

The Miss Florida F.I. at Large pageant will be held Monday, April 23, 2018 at the Parliament House in Orlando. Doors open at 7 p.m. with the pageant starting promptly at 8pm. To reserve your hotel room, call 407-425-7571 ($54.95 including tax). To purchase tickets for the Miss Florida at Large Pageant, which start as low as $25, go to:

For more information, call Scott at (954) 478-4587.