The LGBT-friendliness of New Orleans is legendary.

But it may not always extend to the Superdome.


Finn Bálor changed all that earlier this month. When the studly grappler — Ireland’s hottest export since the UFC’s Connor McGregor — made his WrestleMania debut before a crowd of more than 78,000 at the stadium on April 8, he emerged from a strobe-lit cloud of smoke and confetti to make a bold statement of LGBT equality.

Wearing black trunks and boots, both emblazoned with rainbow stripes, Bálor was surrounded by dozens of local LGBT wrestling fans sporting black t-shirts with a rainbow design.

Bálor had teased the tees, a new design for his Balor Club for Everyone, a week before the big night, tweeting: “WWE is proud to announce that a portion of sales from my new shirt will benefit GLAAD. Everyone deserves to be accepted & included!”

Sadly, Bálor lost his match that night to Seth Rollins, a towering, bearded American pro with flowing raven locks (no slouch in the looks department, either!), but the defeat didn’t seem to dent the Irishman’s spirits. “Imagine all the people living in peace,” the Irishman (né Fergal Devitt) tweeted out after the event, followed by a rainbow of heart emojis.

The Balor for Everyone t-shirts are available at the WWE’s webstore, and from April 2 through June 30, the WWE will donate 20% of the $29 price to GLAAD, the hard-working LGBT media watchdog.

Couldn’t you use a little Bálor on your body?