Blair St. Clair

Episode 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 started out with a mini challenge where Ru had the girls blindfolded and they had to identify items by sitting on them. The winner was Asia O’Hara who won a $2,000 hair care package at Art Lab Salon. During the Maxi Challenge, the nine remaining contestants had to work in groups of three and present their own “Drag Con” panel, which needed to include a panel discussion, a demonstration and a Q&A segment. On the runway the category was “Hats Incredible.” Eureka won her second challenge in a row and the bottom two were Vixen and Blair St. Clair, who sashayed away. 


We caught up with Blair St. Clair to dish on her time on Drag Race:

Q: At what age did drag become an interest, and how did you pick your name?

Drag became an interest to me when I was around 18-19 and was cast in a musical as a drag queen in “La Cage aux Follies.” My name was actually from my mom. I told her that I liked the name Blair, and there’s a street downtown in Indianapolis named St. Clair St., and she came up with the idea to go by Blair St. Clair.

Q: How many times did you apply to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race? How did it feel when you found out you had been chosen?

I auditioned for RuPaul’s Drag Race twice. The first audition was a good experience for me to prepare myself for Season 10. I think that you should take every chance you get in life, and I’m really glad that I took this chance and was able to get on the show. When I found out that I was chosen I was ecstatic. I was so excited, and there were no nerves. I felt like a new chapter had opened up for me.

Q: Is there additional pressure now that RuPaul’s Drag Race has been on for nine seasons plus three seasons of All Stars?

I think there’s a lot of pressure today, because now there’s an expectation on what drag is and should be.

Q: Tell us about your Drag Race experience?

I had a really amazing time on Drag Race. I wish I had been on for a few moments more, but I’m really proud of what I did on the show while I was there.

Q: What’s your marital status? If single, what are you looking for in a man?

I’m currently dating someone, and I see marriage coming down the line with this person. The main quality that I look for is integrity. I look for someone I not only love, but value, appreciate and am thankful for. And I’m lucky because I found that.

Q: Who do you want to win and why?

You know, there are so many talented girls on the show, but I have to say that Miz Cracker would be my top pick if I had to choose just one. She’s a huge contender and one of my best friends. I just love her so much. I’m also really close with The Vixen and think that she also brings something special to the show.

Q: What’s does the future have in store for you?

I’m going to be releasing a new song and music video called “Now or Never.” It’s so personal to me, and I’m really proud of it. I’m excited to share it with the world. It’s about me looking through life in black and white haze and finally making that choice to finally look at things in color.