While you were living it up at GayDays in Orlando, dancing, drinking, modeling, and doing shows by the pool, Nike was, as usual, all business: The athletic-wear behemoth quietly dropped the shoe of the summer.

But which summer? 2018? Or… 1988?

Jumping with both feet into the ’80s fashion recrudescence, Nike has taken the lowly shower slide, the official footwear of vaguely international soccer hotties everywhere (socks optional), and updated (backdated?) it by turning the strap into a mini fanny pack.

Throw in a couple neon colorways — the slides are available in magenta/black and turquoise/lime (as well as basic black, for party poopers) — and you’ve got the hottest Franken-shoe we’ve seen in a long time, and one that is 1988 down.

British design mag i-D has dubbed the Benassi “Fanny Pack” Slide “the ugly summer shoe we need.” We’re calling it the only summer shoe we need. Just zip keys, lip balm, a platinum card, and a small wad o’ bills into the left one, and we’re betting we can cram a StarTAC phone and a couple Magnums into the right.

What time’s the party?