When did you realize you wanted to be a DJ?

During the 1980s, I would listen to “American Top 40” with Casey Kasem every Sunday morning and write down every song and where it charted, how far it climbed and dropped weekly.  I was always impressed with his voice and knowledge with music and I wanted to be just like him.  I would come home every day after school and go to my room for hours just playing records and talking pretending I was on a radio station.  I worked in radio starting when I was a senior in high school and knew at that point music and DJing was always going to be a part of me.  In high school I was known as a walking encyclopedia of music.

Where are you from, and what brought you to Central Florida?

Originally from a small town in Central New York (Ilion), moved to Nashville in 1994 to pursue my degree in Music Business and moved to Tampa in 2006 after my mom passed away to be closer to my dad.

What was your first residency, and how did that feel?

Even though I’ve been DJing since 16, whether it was for weddings, graduations, and on the radio, DJing in the club scene is newer to me than other DJs.  My first residency is Cristoph’s in Tampa.  The feeling is amazing.  The fact that I was accepted so quickly in the club scene is unbelievable.  I have friends who are DJs in other clubs and remember saying how I wish I could be at their level, and here I am now at the same level in a short amount of time with DJs that I admire and respect.

What separates you from other DJs?

I’ve noticed a lot of DJs in different venues throughout the years don’t really interact a lot of times with the crowd in their club.  Yes, we are busy making sure the mixes are on point and don’t have dead air, but I also believe there is time to socialize with the crowd and get to know them.  I’m very social when I’m out regardless if I’m DJing or just having a drink.  I like to come out of the booth every once in a while and talk to everyone, have conversations so I can get to know them and they can get to know me. This makes the crowds realize that I am approachable and thankful for them every week.

What are some memorable moments from the DJ booth?

I’d say the most memorable moments from the DJ booth are watching the reactions to the crowd I’m playing too when I play their favorite song.  Watching them smile, scream, dance, and come thank me for making their night.   Knowing that it was my set making them happy is something I will always remember.

Other than DJing, what do you like to do for fun?

I love jet skiing, boating, taking my dog to the dog park/beach, bowling, traveling, country line dancing, and roller coasters. 

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Charismatic, humble, and personable.

What does the future hold for you?

I’m always going to grow as a DJ and never take things for granted.   I’m very fortunate to be where I am today and plan on doing what I was meant to do.  Making people happy by doing what I love to do…Playing music! 

Your Top 10 this year so far?

  • This is Me – Keala Settle
  • Never Enough – Loren Allred
  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)– Cher
  • I Wanna Know What Love Is – Beth Sacks Ft. DJ Aron
  • Dem Beats – Todrick Hall Ft. RuPaul
  • No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana Grande
  • Make Me Feel – Janelle Monae
  • God Is A Woman – Ariana Grande
  • Dancing – Kylie Minogue
  • The Middle – Zedd Ft. Maren Morris