Yvie Oddly / VH1

The finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11 started with introducing the 11 contestants who had been eliminated—they all looked amazing. Then it was time to slowly introduce the four finalists, who each said what they bring to the table to be Americas next drag superstar. The first was A’keria, who had her mother and grandmother in the audience. The second was Brooke, who was the first Canadian contestant, and whose mother was there to support her. The third was Silky who had her mother and brother in the audience, and the last was Yvie, whose parents hadn’t spoken in five years but were sitting next to each other in the audience.

All the parents were extremely supportive, but we found out that Yvie’s dad made his motorcycle buddies watch some of the episodes. This little show about drag performers is not only bringing families together, but teaching acceptance throughout the world.

It was then time to spin the wheel to see who would get to pick the person she would lip sync against. It landed on Silky, and in what I think is the dumbest move in RuPaul history she chose to go up against Brooke. If she had picked A’keria, then she would have forced the two top contenders, and lip sync assassins, to go up against each other before the final lip sync. Brooke beat Silky and Yvie beat A’Keria forcing a final lip sync of the two best of the season.

Before we found out who won, the “Fan Favorite” award was given out, which came with a $10,000 prize. In a surprise to no one, the pride of Season 11, the very talented and creative Nina West (who I still believe should have been in the top four) took the prize.

In the end, Ru crowned Yvie as America’s Next Drag Superstar. We caught up with Yvie Oddly to dish on her Drag Race experience and winning Season 11.

At what age did drag become an interest and how did you pick your name?

Drag became an interest when I started watching Drag Race when I was a teenager at 16 or 17. It scared me at first, but it was colorful and crazy and I knew I had to be a part of it.

My name came from people telling me my performances were odder then everyone else’s.

How many times did you apply to be on Drag Race and how did it feel when you found out you were chosen?

This was my third time trying, so the third time really is the charm. Getting chosen shattered the fourth wall for me, and reminded me that dreams don’t have to stay dreams. However, I kind of felt this would be the year I was chosen.

Tell us about your RuPaul’s Drag Race experience?

It’s what I expected because I went in expecting the unexpected. However, it was very hard, but it was beautiful because it shook me out of my comfort zone, and made me learn things about myself that I may never have learned.

I’m a native New Yorker, so I always appreciated your honesty, but it seems like most of the girls couldn’t handle it. Has that changed?

I think a lot of the girls have learned to appreciate my honesty, but some haven’t learned to grow from it.

If you couldn’t win, who would you have wanted to win and why?

I would say Brooke Lynn, because she was sweeping the competition. Every week my biggest challenge was to beat out Brooke. She is a hard worker and never made any excuses.

What are you going to do with the $100,000?

I am probably going to spend it at the Dollar Store.

Are you single/married, etc?

I am seeing someone right now, but we are in a progressive, forward thinking, and non-monogamous relationship.

You released a video for your single “Dolla $tore,” tell me about that?

Right after I got back from Drag Race a new Dollar Store opened up right down the street from my house, and it was the inspiration for this song and video. The EP is available on all digital platforms for purchase.

What’s ahead for Yvie?

More art, bigger shocks and I want to sweep people off their feet over and over again.

For more information on Yvie follow her on: Instagram.com/OddlyYvie.