The world-renowned Twist will be celebrating their 26th anniversary on Wednesday, June 19th with its traditional fanfare. Richard Trainor and Joel Stedman host one of the most memorable parties of the year featuring complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres starting at 9pm.

Resident DJ Sushiman will provide the music for the evening. This year, like always Twist is giving away 200 anniversary DVD’s mixed and produced by everyone’s favorite Twist VJ, Nathan P. Smith. These highly anticipated collectors’ items go fast, so get there early! There will be shows by the legendary TP lords and the infamous Athena Dion in the main room with Josefina Los Globos and cast providing a lot of laughs downstairs in the Latin room with “La Fiesta de la Croqueta Comedy Show.”

Twist has been very busy the last few weeks installing new carpeting, furnishings and all new lights and sound. Twist will have another new look, for the coming year. Throughout the years Twist has won numerous awards and has consistently been named best gay bar in Miami by many local and national publications. With hot music, hot bartenders, hot atmosphere and no cover, a great concept kept consistent for 26 years.

I asked two of the entertainer’s at Twist what makes it so special:

Athena – I say this all the time…Twist is my favorite nightclub in the entire world as for me it embodies what South Beach is. They are always open to doing community events, they have the nicest bartenders, many rooms, everyone is friendly and you feel right at home. In addition, they have decent priced drinks and no cover. I feel that everyone that goes there has a good time and you meet so many people from all over the world in one place. To sum up it Twist is synonymous with South Beach.

DJ Sushiman – I love Twist, because they have made me well known in the gay community, and it was the first gay bar in South Beach to hire me. Seven years later I am still working for them. It’s such a fun place to work and I hope to work there for many years to come. I get people from around the world coming to the DJ booth and offering me jobs in their cities. I just love working at Twist.

I then asked Co-Owner, Joel, his thoughts on the success of Twist:

Joel Steadman – It is really hard to believe that the little bar I helped Richard Trainor open so many years ago has grown so large and continued to be successful going on three decades.  Our extremely loyal guests and friends continue to make Twist the institution that it is today. We have been incredibly lucky to have so many staff members stay on for many of those years. It is that consistency that really wins in the end. We are honored, humbled and so incredibly thankful.

Now, twist looks forward to the future, ever-changing, never standing still. As always never a cover always a groove…

Now don’t forget to head on down to Twist to celebrate their 26th anniversary on Wednesday, June 19th from 9 pm till close. I will be there, so if you see me, say hello!