June is Pride Month, which means anti-LGBTQ folks are losing their goddamn minds.

I attended Motor City Pride in Detroit with my wife, our son and my wifes 69-year-old aunt. It was a family affair. There were rainbows galore, men holding hands with men, women holding hands with women, transgender and genderqueer people holding hands with men or women or with whomever they wanted because its pride and love is love, damn it.

Oh, and there were Nazis, complete with swastikas and guns because open carry is legal in Michigan. Yes, thats right. In Michigan, an LGBTQ person has no right to be free from discrimination, but a Nazi has a right to carry guns out in the open. As a state, our priorities are pretty f*cked up.

Thankfully, my family didnt encounter the Nazis. We were too busy at the kids’ tent learning about fossils from a man in a lab coat named Dr. Dinosaur. My son got to hold fossilized dinosaur poop. Definitely the highlight for him.

The Detroit Police Department got a lot of criticism for escortingthe Nazis, though in their defense their goal was to keep the Nazis and the Pride celebrants separate to prevent violence, which they achieved. Ideally, the police would have told the Nazis to GTFO, but thats not their job because of freedom of speech.

Though Id like to point out, that marching with guns and screaming that LGBTQ people should die, is not free speech, its an incitement to violence, which is not protected by the first amendment and should not be protected by the police or any other governmental entity. But thats not where we are as a society yet.

The Nazis reportedly destroyed a rainbow flag while trying to disrupt Motor City Pride. Thankfully, there were more where that came from.

Also thankfully, the Trump Administration is protecting embassies worldwide from Nazis… Wait, Im sorry. Thats my mistake. Lets try this again: The Trump Administration is protecting embassies worldwide from rainbow flags.

Under President Obama U.S. embassies were allowed to officially raise a rainbow flag during June. Under Trump they are not. Rainbow flags arent banned from embassy premises, but they are conspicuously absent from the official flag pole. And that absence is definitely intended to send a message.

And anti-LGBTQ Trump supporters and self-proclaimed Christians are getting that message loud and clear.

Franklin Graham thanked Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for making the decision not to fly the gay flag over our embassies during June in recognition of gay pride month. That is the right decision. The only flag that should fly over our embassies is the flag of the United States of America. The gay pride flag is offensive to Christians and millions of people of other faiths, not only in this country but around the world. The U.S. flag represents our nation everyone regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

The rainbow flag isnt offensive to Christians, but it is offensive for people who use their religion as a weapon against people they dont like. So I can see that while Graham would be offended, many LGBTQ and allied people of faith are not offended by a rainbow flag. They are offended by bigotry though.

Most people dont know that these State Department folks are defying the president of the United States and flying the rainbow flag,

Right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson railed against anyone at the State Department who dare display a Pride flag, calling the rainbow flag an accursed thing.

He continued, The rainbow was given to us by God as a sign that he would not destroy the earth by water again, and youre going to appropriate that as pride in homosexuality? Are you kidding me? Talk about blasphemy. Talk about arrogance. Talk about boldness. Talk about shaking your fist in Gods face.

If the music at Pride festivals around the world is any indication, theres a lot more shaking than fists. But I get Jacksons point. Then again, its nice to see that hes so worried about floods. Im sure his sermons on global warming are lit.

If only the Christian right got as worked up over Nazis as they do over LGBTQ people. Imagine a world where Graham said, Nazis are offensive to Christians and millions of people of other faithsor where E.W. Jackson said, Talk about shaking your fist in Gods face,and he was talking about hateful Nazis, not about peaceful LGBTQ people.

Until then, well keep shaking our fists, and our asses and refusing to apologize for who we are.