They’re bringing back Mr. Ripley and this time he’s being played by Fleabag’s Hot Priest Andrew Scott. Scott will step into the role made famous by Matt Damon in the film The Talented Mr. Ripley for Showtime’s new eight-episode series Ripley, from Oscar and Golden Globe winner Steven Zaillian (Schindler’s List).


Based on Patricia Highsmith’s bestselling Tom Ripley novels, the series will be something of an origin story, with young grifter Ripley, living in 1960s New York, finding himself employed by a wealthy man and given the task of traveling to Italy to retrieve the man’s aimless son. In Italy, Ripley begins his career of befriending the moneyed and then murdering them, and the rest is queer vengeance history. Look for this one sometime in 2020, and, in the meantime, get on the Fleabag train because it really is as good as all your annoying TV addict friends are telling you, for once. 

Each year at the Venice Film Festival, one LGBTQ-themed film is awarded the top prize, known as The Queer Lion, and this year’s recipient was the Chilean film, El principe (The Prince). Riding a wave of acclaimed Chilean cinema – last year A Fantastic Woman took home the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film – The Prince is a throwback of sorts to an earlier genre of queer cinema, the homoerotic men’s prison drama. Based on a 1970s pulp novel, Sebastian Munoz’s debut narrative feature concerns a young beautiful man (Juan Carlos Maldonado) thrust into a steamy lockdown where the rules of survival involve scenarios that contemporary queer media has mostly discarded, relegated to the realm of trite porn fantasy. But it’s the castoffs of culture that new generations of filmmakers often find fascinating, and so here we are with a movie featuring a powerful prison-daddy character known as “The Stallion,” and you’ll probably want to watch. It begins its theatrical life in early 2020, and will without a doubt winds its way through the queer film festival circuit before an arthouse rollout. 

Romeo San Vicente is on the Fleabag train!