Photo: Aman Lexidor

I have known Raul for almost 20 years and was so excited when he told me, “I met the guy I am going to marry, and his name is Jason.” Shortly after that I was introduced and could see how special Jason was and how special they were together. Just 6 weeks before their wedding, I thought it appropriate to sit down and introduce this gay power couple to the Hotspots’ readers. 

How did you guys meet?

Jason – We met via Instagram. One day I opened my phone and I saw all his likes on my photos. Since he had a lot of body pics I thought it was a catfish. However he messaged me and he was adamant about meeting in person and eventually I gave in and met him. The rest is history.

Raul – Basically I stalked him. 

When did you know he was the one?

Jason –I was very hesitant at first even though I was instantly attracted to him. I was really at a point that I didn’t want to date anyone. I had my guard up, but about a month into the relationship I let my guard down, and I realized he was the one a couple of months later. 

Raul – the moment he walked into the door, I told him I would marry him one day.

Who proposed and how did it go? 

Raul – I proposed. It’s actually funny as my first instinct was to include our families. I was going to make a public proposal, and after looking at our families I gave it some thought and I felt that I would be shy about doing it publicly. I decided that I would write a letter and read it to him so I can say everything that I wanted to say and that way he could also keep and cherish those words forever. I took him to a very nice restaurant and we had 13 courses and one of the courses was the proposal, where the ring was presented in a rose. I just asked him to marry me and then after the excitement died down I gave him the letter. 

Jason – I was actually extremely surprised, he totally caught me off guard. I thought we were going on another one of our fancy dates to make up for our really busy schedules. This is something we do every once in a while to catch up and spend quality time together. I was recording every course with my phone, when I thought dessert was coming I had my phone ready to record what the waiter was about to reveal, but the waiter asked me to put my phone down and I thought “who is this guy?” When he lifted up the glass capsule and the dry ice dissipated and I realized that inside the rose floating on a bowl, there was a ring, it was so magical. I was very emotional and apparently I had my hand out for Raul to put the ring on it before he even asked.

I know you guys are basically done planning the wedding. How did it go?

Raul – “You guys” is too many people since I planned the whole wedding. I did force Jason to actively join in the process a few months ago. But overall it went well. 

What are you doing for a honeymoon? 

Raul – We are going on a seven day cruise the day after the wedding. 

Jason – I am excited as we have a full spa package, a full drink package and a few excursions scheduled. We are going to Belize, Mexico, Bahamas and Honduras. 

A little bit about Jason: 

When did you realize you loved Interior Design?

Oh my god, this is so funny and I love telling this story. I realized I loved it when I got obsessed with playing the SIMS game. I realized I would build the houses and the cities. I did all the design work and my sister would move in the little families and play. After a while, I was certain I loved nice interiors, but I didn’t realize it could be a career until I went to college. 

Did you go to School for Interior Design? 

My first major was theater and dance when I attended school in University at Buffalo. When I moved to Orlando, I decided that I wanted to switch majors and I saw interior design was an option. I have my bachelors in applied Science and Interior Design Technology. 

What has been your favorite design project?  

So far it is the Eve District located in the design district in Miami; it’s a luxury high end rental apartment. It was my favorite because the design esthetic speaks to my particular style of design. 

Where do you work? 

Currently, I am with One Line Design Studio which launched in February. It’s a new boutique interior design studio with a focus on hospitality, commercial, and the multi-family development markets. The co-founder of the company and I have worked together approximately 5 years. I love this company because it provides a modern approach to the standards of productivity. I can work from home or anywhere I choose as long as my team and I get the work done. This level of respect and trust on work ethic makes a great difference in a work environment. 

A little bit about Raul

What made you decide to open Vizion Event Productions?

Vizion Event Productions was born from the passion of music, production, and nightlife. I have been in the Entertainment Industry of South Florida for almost two decades and have a keen eye for detail, production, organization, and overall event logistics.

The need of something beyond what we usually see in L.E.D production and the support from peers and clients in the industry is what gave me that ‘YOU CAN DO IT’ boost of confidence I needed to create Vizion.

What are the services that Vizion Event Productions offer?

We specialize in audiovisual high tech services. From corporate events to circuit parties and festivals. We offer top of the line sound, staging, lighting, LED WALL designs and special effects. No event is too big or too small. Always striving for the highest standards of excellence in audio visual production services by consistently providing the finest personal service and unforgettable audio visual experiences. 

Is Vizion Event Productions affordable?

Definitely! The needs of every client are different and important to us. Our goal is to make your event an unforgettable and amazing experience. Every event is customized to specific needs. We take pride in our “We Work With You” policy.

What has been some of the major events and nightclubs that have hired you?

We are privileged to name the local nightclubs and organizations we have had the pleasure to work with: Task Force, URGE, Matinee Miami, White Party, Sizzle Miami, SAVE, Impulse, Miss Florida F.I., Kidd Madonny Events, GAY8 Festival, The Manor and SCORE to name just a few. 

What does the future hold for the two of you and your businesses? 

Jason – Personally, being in a relationship with Raul always felt right, so I am looking forward to creating more memories with him. Business wise, I am looking to grow One Line Design and make our presence stronger in South Florida. I would eventually like to expand to the TV side as I recently did a competition with TLC’s Trading Spaces as a guest designer in the show, I loved the experience. 

Raul – I agree with Jason, and I am excited for the rest of my life with him. For Vizion, I plan to land a few more of the largest events here in South Florida, and I am currently joining efforts to grow my company nationwide. 

For more information on One Line Design Studio, email them at or call them at 305.699.0629; or go to their website at

For more information on Vizion Event Production call them at 786-444-6410 or email them at; or go to their website at