One Sweet Day

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Last week we called out Mariah’s Lambs for being salty at the fact Lil Nas X’s epic 2019 hit “Old Town Road” surpassed Mariah & Boyz II Men’s “One Sweet Day” as the longest running number one song on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Winter is here and I’m eating my words—and boy are they icy. It looks like the Lambs are getting the last laugh and ending 2019 on a Mariah Carey-octave high note.

Twenty-five years after its initial release, “All I Want For Christmas is You” has finally hit the number slot on the Billboard Hot 100. Not only is it an incredible feat for a song to top the charts decades after its initial release, it is also worth mentioning the holiday tune is Mariah’s 19th overall number hit on the Hot 100 charts! The songstress is only ONE number one song behind legendary group The Beatles. Come on Mariah, your Lambs need you to be number one. Will that one sweet day ever come?


Icing on the Cake

Rejection sucks, but it didn’t stop Mr. Gay Canada 2019, Josh Rimer, from planning the wedding of his dreams. The gay travel blogger hoped to marry his fiancé at Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center in the beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, but his email request was promptly denied. The hotel chain stated via email: “Our staff is not specialized to carry out an equal wedding.”

So of course Josh did what any self-respecting person would do: he vlogged about it! After rival hotel Hilton Puerto Vallarta caught wind of the video, they tagged Josh in an Instagram post offering to host the wedding ceremony for free. The icing on the cake? Travel company VACAYA offered the future grooms a free honeymoon cruise to Lisbon, Portugal to celebrate their nuptials.

Josh and his fiancé, Heath, happily accepted both offers.

In a statement VACAYA said, “We’re thrilled to join Hilton Puerto Vallarta in celebrating the love between Josh and Heath because we believe that together we can shine a brighter light on the work we still have left to do to reach equality.”

As for Sheraton—let the boycotts begin!


That Ship Has Sailed

Known as a fierce advocate for LGBT rights, Harvey Milk has solidified his legacy as a pioneer in the fight for equality. But before his foray into politics and activism, did you know Milk served in the Navy? Well at least up until his supervisors “caught” him with another gay man, questioned him about his sexual orientation and forced him to resign.

As you are well aware things have dramatically changed when it comes to LGBTQ rights and the military, most notably President Obama’s 2011 repeal of President Clinton’s “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Since then the Navy has decided to honor the person they once kicked out for being gay.


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Il 27 novembre del 1978 veniva ucciso Harvey Milk, uno dei più grandi rivoluzionario nella battaglia per i diritti delle persone gay, lesbiche, bisexual, transgender. Il primo uomo dichiaratamente gay ad essere eletto in una Istituzione. Nel 2000 iniziavo la mia militanza come attivista per i diritti lgbt. Da 20 anni le parole di Milk sono il mio mantra. “Se non ti mobiliti per difendere i diritti di qualcuno che in quel momento ne è privato, quando poi intaccheranno i tuoi, nessuno si muoverà per te.” Quanto sono attuali queste parole? Talmente tanto che spero diventino il mantra anche di molt* di voi 🌈 #1978 #harveymilk #rivoluzione #libertà #diritti #persone #gay #lesbiche #bisexual #transgender #love #life #befree

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Back in 2016 the Navy announced it would name a ship after Milk, and now construction has officially begun on the USNS Harvey Milk. The new oiler ship will resupply fuel to other ships at sea.

“(This) sends a global message of inclusion more powerful than simply ‘We’ll tolerate everyone,'” Stuart Milk said at a ceremony in San Diego, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. “(It says) We celebrate everyone.”