Uwe Schroeder, bartender at Georgie’s Alibi/Monkey Bar and owner/creator of Wolf Cuff Custom Leather Fashion Design, presents the 10th annual fundraiser for Grateful Paws. It’s the 10th anniversary of Wolfcuff and the benefit, which will be held at Georgie’s Alibi/Monkey Bar (2266 Wilton Drive) on March 6 starting at 6 pm. It’s fitting, that this year’s motto is simply “W.O.L.F” aka “World Of Loving Friends”.

It was a pleasure to sit down with my longtime friend, Uwe, to talk with him about this year’s benefit.

What can we expect at this year’s fundraiser?

A LOT lol! We kick off the event with the VIP (Very Important Paw) reception starting at 6pm.

The VIP ticket ($20 available at the Alibi) includes 2 drink tickets for cocktails from our sponsors. In addition, catering will be provided by the Alibi, plus we will have a “sweet” surprise. We will also offer first choice to “buy now “ on any silent auction items for those who want to avoid the bidding process.

We are expecting a “ROYAL” visitor and for the two hours of the reception the VIP’s have the opportunity to get a picture taken with “The Queen” at our photo booth donated by ShutterBooth.

Since the event has been growing every year, we have limited the amount of tickets for the reception, so I can’t guarantee tickets at the door on the day of the event.

At 8pm, the event goes public, and everyone can join in on bidding on the silent auction items and get their photo taken at the photo booth.

We will also have a 50/50 raffle for the night and., here comes our main surprise…VACAYA ( has joined the group of platinum sponsors by donating a Valentine’s Day cruise, leaving San Juan PR on the “Celebrity Summit” from February 13-20, 2021…7 nights to Antigua, Martinique, Saint Lucia, and Barbados. (Airfare not included). We will sell only 250 tickets at $ 20 each and the winner will be drawn at the event. (Tickets available at the AILBI) For all others, as a special gift, VACAYA is offering a promo code for all bookings which is of course: Alibi. 

At 9 pm the show starts on the main stage with the performers of the Alibi and guests. Since it’s a weekday, I try to wrap the event up by 11 pm.

How do you feel about those 10 years of your event?

It is truly a milestone and I never in my life imagined we would end up here. It proves that the little things can turn out to make a big difference. 10 years ago, I made a $ 60 purchase at a local leather store (Tandy Leather). A piece of leather, some brown dye, rivets and snaps and basic tools. That was in February 2010 when I made the first Wolfcuff ever, we call Mother. Soon after, friends asked me to make some for them, so I did. Shortly after friends again (special Thanks to Michael Kunhenn and Tommy Forcella) pushed me to make it a small business and boom Wolfcuff was born. My mom told me that even as a child I always was crafting, drawing etc. and she supported this side of me in every way possible. I am grateful that she got to see the beginning of Wolfcuff, though I lost her in September of 2010.

The first “fundraiser” was nothing but a party at a friend’s house, but even then, we raised some money for Grateful Paws. The second year, the ALIBI became and has been ever since the home of the event. I am blessed not only with the support of the owners but also with a solid and loyal crew of people that help me every year. Some have been with me for the whole decade, some are new, but all united in this cause. That of course, includes our loyal sponsors in the community like you guys, Hotspots Magazine, that help me every year to offer an amazing auction at the event.

Over the years, the Wolfcuff family has constantly grown, though we also had to mourn even recent the loss of some wonderful people, believing in community like me, hence this year’s motto on the shirts (also available for $20) World Of Loving Friends = WOLF. Since my brain hemorrhage, I am only able to create a limited amount of pieces mostly cuffs, pendants etc. 

What drives you to continue this benefit? the happy ending of a chain of often sad and terrible events. And our abilities are limited. While anyone in rescue understands the wonderful feeling when a poor animal can be saved into a loving home, we also know the amount of poor creatures we can’t save. About 4 million will never have that chance as a result of puppy mills, home breeders etc. While Rescues have to and will continue their work the problem needs to be addressed at the core. Clearly, the “market” is dysfunctional if you look at the amount of pure breed dogs that end up in shelters and that does not even include the number of mixed breeds. We need legislation guiding and limiting private breeders and tougher laws to go after the perversion of puppy mills! But politicians are as well at the core of the problem and I quote, “You want me to go and tell my hunting buddies they have to cut the balls off their dogs.” Mentality like this causes the suffering! 

So the rescue community will continue and do what we can and hope slowly but surely with the support of the public things will over time change.

What is your goal for this year?

First and foremost I want everyone participating to have a great time. In the current climate, we need times where we can feel united, a sense of belonging and that there is good left in the world.

Of course, we hope to raise a lot of money, which enables us to save as many animals as we can. Grateful Paws is a no kill rescue. We do not have a shelter and no volunteer receives a salary. We are foster based, so an animal that has suffered neglect or abuse or any form of trauma can recover in a loving home. Through sponsors and my own funding, the costs for the event are fully covered so EVERY dollar that we raise will go to the charity! I never set a $$ goal. All we can do is try the best and any amount will help!

But I can promise everybody that comes to the event, no matter the amount donated, will go home knowing that your participation made a difference and saves lives! If you are touched by what we do, rescues are always looking for volunteers particularly foster homes.

From the core of my heart I want to thank everybody for these amazing 10 years!