For those asking about SMART Ride 17
What we KNOW, and what we DON’T

We have been asked “What are you going to do? Is there going to be a ride?

  • We are planning on having a ride this November.
  • We continue to work on the ride, block hotel rooms, the caterer and have the support of our Title Sponsor CAN Community.
  • We have been chatting about the challenge this year will bring as not only the result of COVID-19, but an election year as well. The agencies we benefit will need the help this year more than in any recent memory.
  • One way or another we will raise money to help keep the memory of those who have passed alive, funds to continue testing, funds to help those living daily with HIV and AIDS and to raise enough awareness and education to curtail HIV from spreading.

What if the ride doesn’t happen, will I get a refund?

  • In the unlikely chance it does, we will move your registration fee to new dates.

Should I train?

Absolutely! Riding your bike and exercising…

  • reduces depression
  • reduces anxiety, and who isn’t a bit anxious these days
  • helps us with self esteem allows us to SAFELY socialize while keeping a healthy distance apart from the next rider
  • helps burn off all those snacks that isolating has allowed us to consume
  • helps raise awareness about HIV and AIDS gives us all a sense of purpose
  • Most importantly you will be ready for November

The 10% Lifeline at work

With unprecedented times comes unprecedented need. Last year we added $140,000 to the Lifeline fund. This represented 10% of the money raised during SR16.

We have just given out the following to help with emergency needs for PPE, Food and Care

$10K to Pet Project for Pets
$10K to Broward House
$10K to Pridelines
$10K to AH of Monroe
$10K to Compass
$10K to Miracle of Love
$10K to Metro Inclusive
$ 7.5K to World AIDS Museum