Ru starts out the episode by letting the “gurls” know that the mini challenge is a good old fashion bitch fest with puppets…..because everyone loves puppets. Each contestant pulls from a hole in the wall one of their competitors as a puppet, and they have 20 minutes to drag it up for the bitch fest. The winner is Jackie. 


For the Maxi challenge the “gurls” will have to use their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent as they create a one (woman) drag queen show performing in front of a live audience. Because she won the mini challenge, Jackie gets to decide the order of the performances. 


During the day, they are coached by the one and only Whoopi Goldberg, who was also the guest judge. The runway category was “The Color Purple.”


The winner this week was Crystal Methyd, and the bottom two were Heidi and Jaida with Heidi sashaying away. It was a pleasure to sit down with Heidi for this Hotspots interview:


Q: At what age did drag become an interest and how did you pick your name?

It became an interest when I was around the age of 12 or 13, but I didn’t see my first drag show until I was 18, Right after that I started to perform. 

I got my name due to the closeted men in my home town who were trying to get with me. One day my friend said these men need to stop “hiding in the close,” and that’s where my name came from. (Hiding in the Closet = Heidi N. Closet).

Q: Any thoughts of changing your last name after Ru’s dislike of it?

It has crossed my mind, but I like to think about it as Ru might not like my name but she at least knows it!

Q: How many times did you apply to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and how did it feel when you found out you got chosen?

I only applied once, and it felt amazing and I literally threw my phone and ran in the opposite direction. No feeling ever topped that moment! 

Q: Tell us about your RuPaul’s Drag Race experience?

It was a journey, it was a roller coaster, and it was deficiently the hardest thing I have ever done but also the most fun thing I have ever done. Lots of ups and downs, but I persevered. It was definitely a magical experience. 

  1. Is there something you wish you did different?

While I was there no, but before getting there I wish I had the opportunity to get stronger outfits, and have stronger looks. 

Q: Speaking of stronger looks, did you really only earn $9,000 the year before you filmed and if so how did you afford all your outfits for filming? 

Yes, I had a part time job at a gas station. I actually borrowed around $5,000 from my best two friends. That’s a lot less than most contestants spend, but that’s all I had to work with. 

Q: What’s your marital status? 

I have a partner, he has definitely been the driving force behind me and supports me totally! 

Q: Who do you want to win?

I would love to see Jaida win, because she sent me home. It would make me feel better to say I lost to the winner…LOL!

 Q: What’s ahead for Heidi?

I have a lot of side projects going on, but hopefully I will be on the TV screen more. I might dabble in music here and there, and hopefully travel and take over the world. 

  1. Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you want to talk about? 

Yes….it doesn’t matter where you come from, what your background is, whether you have a humongous budget or just change, whatever you do in life give 100% and be your true self. 

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VH1 “ru-vealed” the queens sashaying back to the runway to compete in the fifth season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.”  Viewers will get a chance to see their favorites act, sing, dance, sew, and lip sync for their legacy. The last queen standing will waltz away with the “All Stars” crown, a spot in the “Drag Race Hall of Fame” and a cash prize of $100,000.  “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” will premiere Friday, June 5th at 8pm on VH1. 


Due to the impact of COVID-19 that resulted in various scheduling and programming adjustments, “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” initially slated to air on Showtime, will now premiere on VH1. 

“For All Stars 5, we’ve come up with a new twist that is so twisted it’s guaranteed to twist your twisted minds,” said four-time Emmy Award-winning host and executive producer RuPaul. 


The “All Stars” Queen RuVeal launched exclusively on the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” YouTube channel.   The 10 queens returning to the runway to claim their spot in the “Drag Race Hall of Fame” are:


Alexis Mateo (Season 3, All Stars 1)

Twitter: @AlexisMateo79, Instagram: @Miss_Alexis_Mateo

BAM! Alexis Mateo came to season three and made it to the top three before being eliminated. She got her second chance competing in a team on “All Stars” 1, but again fell short of the crown. Now the jig is up! Alexis is back for “All Stars” 5 to secure her spot in the “Drag Race Hall of Fame!” Sickening, no? 


Blair St. Clair (Season 10)

Twitter: @BlairStClair, Instagram: @Blairst.Clair

She do declare! It’s Blair St. Clair! Since season 10, this young queen has really grown and “glown-up,” and now she’s ready to be your star! Will she shine bright enough to take the “All Stars” crown?


Derrick Barry (Season 8) 

Twitter: @DerrickBarry, Instagram: @DerrickBarry

It’s Derrick, B*tch! On season eight, Derrick Barry struggled to show she’s more than just a Britney Spears impersonator. Derrick is back on “All Stars” 5 to prove she is stronger than yesterday! She is ready to display the full spectrum of her drag and snatch her spot in the “Drag Race Hall of Fame.” 


India Ferrah (Season 3)

Twitter: @IndiaFerrah, Instagram: @IndiaFerrah

India came into season three with over-the-top glam looks, but was critiqued for having an under-the-radar personality. She’s gone down in herstory for being picked up by another queen during a lip sync for her life. On “All Stars” 5, this high-kicking queen is ready to pick up where she left off and remind everyone that Drag is not a contact sport!


Jujubee (Season 2, All Stars 1) 

Twitter: @Jujuboston, Instagram: @Jujubeeonline

Jujubee first dazzled the world with her humor, heart and beauty on season two and then again on All Stars season one. But despite her efforts, Jujubee has never made it to the top. What about her?! What about Jujubee?! Is “All Stars” 5 her chance to prove the third time really is the charm? 


Mariah Paris Balenciaga (Season 3)

Twitter: @MUG4DAYZ, Instagram: @MUG4DAYZ

On season three, Mariah, aka Mariah Paris Balenciaga, aka Mariah Successful, was known for her beauty, grace, and mug 4 dayz! She was eliminated after underperforming in Snatch Game, but now Mariah is back on “All Stars” 5 to show the world that this versatile ball queen is ready to take the grand prize!


Mayhem Miller (Season 10) 

Twitter: @TheOnlyMayhem, Instagram: @TheOnlyMayhem

The drama is here! Mayhem Miller crashed the “Drag Race” party on season 10! She started strong, winning the very first challenge, but a peck of pickle problem put her in the bottom, and she sashayed away too soon. Now this L.A. favorite is back to stake her claim on the Hall of Fame. Is it finally Miller time?


Miz Cracker (Season 10)

Twitter: @Miz_Cracker, Instagram: @Miz_Cracker

“Okay, it’s time for Cracker!” Season 10’s self-described Jewish Barbie brought smarts and sass to the game – even as she struggled to get out of her head. Now this blonde, beloved New Yorker is back to take a crack at the “All Stars” crown!


Ongina (Season 1)

Twitter: @Ongina, Instagram: @Ongina

On season one, Ongina captured the hearts of millions with her charisma, uniqueness, nerve, talent and beautiful bald head! Now this high energy Queen is back for “All Stars” 5! Will she make up for lost time and take her spot in the “Drag Race Hall of Fame?” 


Shea Couleé (Season 9)

Twitter: @SheaCoulee, Instagram: @SheaCoulee

Chicago in the house! Shea Couleé came to season nine to SLAY not PLAY! And “slay” she did, snatching four wins on her way to the Grand Finale, before a shocking shower of rose petals sent her packin’. Equal parts bougie and banjie, this polished powerhouse now has her eyes on the “All Stars” prize! 


Season 12 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” airs every Friday at 8pm on VH1 followed by “RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race” at 9:30pm and “Untucked” at 11pm. 


For more information on “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” and up-to-date news, go to Join the conversation using #AllStars5 and follow the official accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.