The big question among many guys these days is, “When can I get back to the gym?” In several states this is already happening. Perhaps in a few weeks, gyms will be open again in Florida. Already many condos have opened their pools, and smaller one-on-one gyms have begun to take individual clients again. Regardless, the virus is still out there, so there are several issues to consider before you hit the gym or health club.

If you are beginning a new exercise program or starting back after a prolonged absence, it’s always beneficial to check with your doctor first. If you are in a high risk category, such as a senior over the age of 65, or suffer from a medical condition like diabetes, asthma, heart disease or a weakened immune system, you probably need to stay away from group classes or communal fitness. But stay active, nonetheless. Check out the various workout programs posted in HotSpots; go online and take virtual classes; look up great routines on YouTube; go walking or biking.

When your gym opens, ask the personnel ahead of time what measures they’re taking to keep you safe. Social distancing is a must. Make sure they’re keeping people using weights and cardio machines at least 6 feet away from one another. Make sure the staff is disinfecting the equipment, the floor and carpeting, and the restrooms. It may be to your advantage to change and shower at home. 

Remember you must take personal responsibility in the gym. Don’t use a machine next to someone else – 6 feet is a minimum. Many health clubs will be limiting the total number of members to 50 or less at any given time. Do not get impatient, come back when the gym is not so crowded. Wearing a cloth face mask may be an inconvenience, but it adds yet another layer of protection for you and others. Disinfect machines and weights with a clean cloth or wipe before and after using them.

Since the virus does not infect you through your skin wearing gloves probably isn’t necessary. If, however, donning them reminds you not to touch your face or mucus membranes (through which the virus can infect you) then by all means keep them on. Stop touching your face under any circumstances.

It seems that the main way this virus spreads is directly from person to person when you’re in close proximity with others. When you are touching, sneezing, coughing, even talking with others closely you run the risk of spreading germs especially since they travel by air.

By far the best way to fight against all germs is to wash your hands. When you are done with your session, wash your hands in the restroom, use a paper towel to turn off the faucet, open the door with the towel before leave and toss it in the trash.

Moving forward with your fitness goals, remember that Pump’n Inc. is a totally one on one fitness and massage facility, now more than ever equipped with clean surroundings, hand sanitizer and face masks for your workout safety.

Tom Bonanti is a certified fitness trainer and massage therapist (MA#40288) with his own one on one facility in Ft. Lauderdale. Contact with questions or call him (954) 557-1119 to schedule a free consultation!