Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars 5

Episode 6 – Alexis Mateo

Episode 6 of All Stars 5 starts out with Ru telling the girls that Happiness is in your own backyard. Therefore, Ru and her sister are throwing a Charles family backyard ball. The girls need to prepare two fresh looks. 1) Country Cousin realness, where they are to create an original cousin persona with a comedic back story, and 2) starting from scratch they need to create a high fashion outfit worthy of the main stage. However, they can only use items that you find in your own backyard. 


The guest judge this week is music superstar Bebe Rexha, and joining Ru and the judges on the runway are her sisters, nephews and some other family members. The top All Star this week was Miz Cracker, who wins a five night stay for 2 at the Lalit London in London England, which also includes airfare.  This means Shea, JuJubee, Alexis and Blair are all up for elimination. The Lip Sync Assassin was Florida’s own Roxxxy Andrews, who turned the party and won the lip sync battle. Therefore the groups vote decides who would go home, and it was unanimous amongst the girls and Alexis was sent home. 


It was a pleasure to sit down with Florida’s own Alexis Mateo for this exclusive Hotspots Interview:


How has your life changed since you were on Drag Race?

Oh My God, it has been a 360. From season 3 the show moved my career forward in a powerful way, and it gave me a platform to educate people about my culture. 


What has been some of your favorite cities to visit as a RuPaul Alumni?

I did a show in Grand Turk that was amazing. Also, the UK Drag-con was a super fun experience. 


How exciting was it to get called back for All Stars for a second time? 

At first it was terrifying, as the show has gotten so big and the fandom has lots to say…it is scary. But then I got excited about being able to remind the world who I am. 


How hard was it to keep the secret that you are on all stars?

It was really hard, as this time we had to wait an entire year after filming. In the past, it was only like 6 months. It was very stressful.  


How did you prepare differently for this all stars than you did the first two times you were on the show?

All Stars 1 for me was a personal disaster, as I had no idea what to expect. This time I had a plan. Also, I now have a better budget to prepare. 


Do you feel vindicated now that India admitted that you asked her about Shea after the vote?

I didn’t know she admitted it. This is the first I am hearing of it, but I knew it was the truth. I felt that she was very desperate. 


Do you think you and India will ever talk again? 

We have been text messaging each other lately, and we are on good terms. I joked with her the other day that we are the new Velma and Roxy. 


You have now been in Vegas (from Florida) about a year and a half, how are they treating you? 

I miss Florida and all my friends there, and Walt Disney World. Florida is my second home behind PR. Vegas is new for me, but I am enjoying the experience, and they have opened their arms to me. 


Now that you have been eliminated, who do you want to win?

I would love to see Blair win, as I think she has everything for future generations. I would also like to see my good friend Jujubee win. 


What’s Ahead for Alexis? 

I wish I would know. However, I really want to travel the world and work on music and TV. I would also love to do a podcast in Spanish. 


Are you going to do more things with your impersonation of Walter Mercado, as I think that can be a big money maker for you? 

Yes, I have done some things, but I am not allowed to talk about them yet…so stay tuned. 


Is there anything I didn’t ask you that you want to talk about? 

Yes, I want the fans to know I did what I wanted to do. Even though I think I did a good job on my other seasons, some people forgot about me and I wanted to remind them who I was. Through the entire taping of Drag Race I stayed true to myself, and I got to meet Ricky Martin!!


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