Sexy Model/Actor Shaun Melady

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Communications professional, Shaun Melady, is no stranger to the public eye; however, instead of utilizing his Comms persona, he is now focusing his attention on the runway, stage and silver screen.


Having a background in Mass Communications from his career in Marketing Communications, Public Relations and Journalism, Melady has decided to drop the pen and pick up the mic to showcase his abilities in the modeling and acting world. Recent and upcoming productions to keep an eye out for that Melady stars in are the award-winning short film, “Abysmo,” and “The Disturbance Call.” He also recently modeled Italian-brand Elie Balleh Couture in both Fall and Spring New York Fashion Weeks in The Society Fashion Show and at the highly-esteemed Pier 59 Studios.


Melady has also starred in multiple Amazon Prime indie series, as well as the award-winning Labeled Series that is found on the Atlantic Records YouTube channel – over 11 million subscribers.


Once switching full-time to the Entertainment industry in 2017, Melady hit the ground in full stride by landing three Off-Broadway plays, including Aeschylus’ Greek tragedy, “The Persians,” and two original works – “The Killers” and “Disconnected.”


During his time on-stage, he also worked with Fortune 500 clients and men’s wear brands for commercial and print work. Names include: Michelob Ultra, U.S. Navy, Tricots St. Raphael, Kane 11, Rubie’s Custom Costumes and a variety of other brands. He also brought the action to the runway for international designers and in both Spring and Fall New York Fashion Week settings. He walked for seasoned and upcoming designers, including KuéneKevin Shahroozi DesignsCindy Tran FashionStatus Plus Fashions and more.


It was a pleasure to sit down with Shaun for this exclusive Hotspots interview: 


Did you always love the spotlight even as a child?

I did like the spotlight when I was younger! I enjoyed being a part of school productions from musical and choir pieces, to stage performances and band concerts. I also grew up going to church and I remember I loved singing and being a part of that culture.


Tell us about your upbringing?

I was born and raised in Ormond Beach, Florida. I went to public schools throughout elementary, middle and high school. In late-middle school throughout high school and more, I also competed in Olympic Weightlifting, and lifted for Team Florida Volusia County. That was a major part of my life and I would not have changed it. 


Having mentioned before, I grew up going to church and being a part of that community for a majority of my earlier life. I even went to college at a private Christian university (Harding) in Searcy, Ark. I came out while I was here, which was ironic, and wrote a piece for The Advocate Magazine about my experience as a gay man at a Christian college. 


Throughout my life and experiences, my family, thankfully, has always been so supportive of me and they’ve been such a great motivator to follow whatever it is I wanted to pursue. 


Were you acting or modeling at all during your college years?

I acted and sang in college, as well. I was a part of my university’s Concert Choir, and I also performed in a major musical number called Spring Sing. It was such a great time being on stage! I also did some modeling shoots in college and promo gigs here and there; nothing too wild though.


How did you get into Mass Communications/Marketing/PR?

Originally, I was studying Psychology in school because I love the field and appreciate the ins and outs of the mind. It was so fascinating to me; however, I realized that, even though it is such an important field, it was not for me to become a therapist. So, I briefly looked into PR and Communications, and that is where I saw that I can be up in front of people, write and use creative outlets to be around crowds. 


Little did I know, it would lead to some really fun and interesting jobs that still required me to be behind a desk all day (LOL). Some of these jobs included SeaWorld Parks and Resorts Orlando, the NASCAR company’s motorcycle racing branch and then, the job that allowed me to move to NYC, Jaguar Land Rover.


What did you love about that career and do you have a favorite story from those years?

I loved how there were tons of opportunities to utilize my creativity in different ways. I was able to write and brand different campaigns. From billboards that you still see throughout Florida to traveling around the country, working on different media strategies and social media tactics. The brands that I worked with were very unique experiences but I would not have traded them because they allowed me to keep those creative juices flowing.


There were a few stories that I can share about my work at each of these places like getting to go to the X Games, being a part of the United States’ launch of the Range Rover Velar; one of my favorites, and most memorable for some reason, is when I was working at SeaWorld and we had a meeting inside the park at Shamu Stadium. While we were having our meeting, I turned and saw this giant whale swimming beside us. That was probably the coolest and most fascinating thing,  because we were able to experience this beautiful part of nature right next to us! 


What made you switch full time to Modeling/Acting?

I’ve always had a passion for modeling and acting. I remember when I was growing up thinking to myself, “I want to do that.” Or “I can do that.” – *cue the song from A Chorus Line.* 

I remember being so glued to the TV when fashion shows came on or very fashionable people stepped on and everyone was so intrigued by them. I wanted to be like that, and loved how their influence can make a difference in the world. They can portray a character that evokes so much emotion or a laugh and it can turn around a day in a snap.


Do you have a favorite designer/gig to walk for, and why?

I have to say that I loved walking in the New York Fashion Week shows because it is such an esteemed variety of shows and the environment is so intense, in the best way. 

I’ve walked in a number of these shows but last year, on my birthday, my manager booked me with Elie Balleh Couture, which is an Italian couture brand and it was such an awesome experience. That was in the Fall, then earlier this year for Spring NYFW, the designer called me back and wanted me to walk again. It was such a great feeling knowing that a couture designer wanted me to come back and walk for him. From the various fashion shows and media coverage that come along with them, since walking in NYFW, this is where people started noticing me more and where I was first labeled as a “celebrity model” and was listed on ABC, NBC, New York City Post, Millennium Magazine and other major networks as such. It was such an amazing and humbling feeling.


What’s been your favorite acting job so far?

They’ve all been so different. I’ve done a few Off-Broadway shows that have included a Greek Tragedy called The Persians, which was a very intense and deep show; then two comedic shows that I portrayed very different characters. On-screen, I’ve played multiple characters with varying personalities. Some include a police officer, a gay journalist, a stalker and robber who then turns out to be a good guy. So, there are a few that have been favorites that it is hard to name just one.


Are you married or single? 

I am not married yet, but I am in a committed relationship with my partner. We met at the gym actually. I noticed him on one of the chest machines and saw he had a tattoo on his arm, and thought that was my “in” to talk to him. So, I commented on it and probably sounded like an idiot, but hey, I tried. Thankfully it seemed to work because we are still together and the rest is history!


What do you do for fun?

I love playing volleyball! I play both beach and court volleyball. Outside of that, I love going to rooftop bars and restaurants and soaking in the scenery with friends. I also love to travel.


What does the future hold for you?

While everything is up in the air because of the current situation, there are projects that are currently in process and in post-production. 


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