The Peggy Lee biopic, “Fever,” has been in development, stopping and starting, for at least eight years at this point. The late Nora Ephron wrote an early script, and Todd Haynes has been attached to direct for a long time now but casting and production schedules have come and gone. Now Michelle Williams has been cast as Lee and everything seems to be back on track. Williams has worked with Haynes before on the Bob Dylan-themed film “I’m Not Here,” and she’s also been circling the Janis Joplin biopic (talk about Development Hell — that one’s been gestating since the early 2000s). Adding fuel to the “Fever” fire, Billie Eilish is in talks to come aboard as an executive producer, so this thing might finally have its figurative and literal stars aligned to move closer to being on a big screen near you. It’s got us imagining a spooky Eilish cover of “Is That All There Is.”