Pride Month may be over but we’re going to keep on celebrating Queen Latifah, who recently went public about her partner Eboni Nichols in a BET Awards speech. She may have been getting the Lifetime Achievement Award that night, but don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s done. As of this moment, Latifah has a handful of projects in various stages of completion.

Coming soon is “The Tiger Rising,” a drama about a young boy and the caged tiger he finds in the woods, and “Hustle,” a LeBron James-produced basketball drama with Adam Sandler and Robert Duvall from “We the Animals” director Jeremiah Zagar. Meanwhile, currently shooting is “End of the Road.” It’s a thriller from “Black-ish” director Millicent Shelton, co-starring Ludacris, in which Latifah has to protect her family and fight a mysterious killer while on a road trip through the New Mexico desert. Obviously that killer doesn’t stand a chance, especially if he hasn’t seen QL use a machine gun in “Set It Off.” All hail the Queen!