The BBC has unveiled the contestants for season three of Drag Race UK. Among the contestants is Victoria Scone, who will be the first cisgender woman to compete as a contestant. Drag Race Thailand previously featured a cis woman (or “bio drag queen”) in an audition round, but she did not proceed to be a full contestant. Scone, whose real name is Emily, told the BBC, “Drag’s always been a part of my life. I genuinely think I was born to be a drag queen. But I didn’t really know if, as a woman, that was a possibility for me.” Emily, 27, lives in Cardiff, Wales, and says her drag persona is very much old-school, British drag, and “very, very camp.” She says she has occasionally faced criticism for being a drag queen but hopes her appearance on Drag Race will promote greater diversity in the drag world.

WATCH: ‘Drag Race UK’ Makes Her-Story with First Bio Queen Contestant