We watched “The White Lotus.” You watched “The White Lotus.” All queers watched “The White Lotus.” (Note: we realize this is false, but we’re trying to make it a thing.) And now “The White Lotus,” queer writer-director Mike White’s deliriously entertaining/agonizingly uncomfortable comedy-drama-kinda-sorta-death-mystery that’s full of queer-adjacent and wickedness-adjacent college kids and surprising gay reveals and Jennifer Coolidge and the kind of on-screen sex that makes homophobes upset, is getting another season at HBO. Obviously, the cast isn’t coming back to the same hotel for another week of terrible experiences. Rather, it will be a new cast of unhappy vacationers at a different hotel in the White Lotus family of all-inclusive luxury resorts. But with the success of this season, you can absolutely count on White’s trademark scalpel-precise evisceration of human badness, and almost certainly count on an upping of stakes in the horny weirdness department. Is it next summer yet?