Lifetime’s first lesbian-themed Christmas movie is coming this December, not a moment too soon. Leaving Hallmark in their dust when it comes to bolder strides toward story inclusivity, the network has greenlighted “Under the Christmas Tree,” starring Elise Bauman, Tattiawna Jones and Ricki Lake. The story revolves around – get ready for this groundbreaking stuff – a successful businesswoman (Bauman) meeting a Christmas tree curator (Jones). They don’t get along at first! They dance around their attraction! Will it all work out in the end? Will they get together? How will bakery queen Ricki Lake employ gingerbread women to make the real life women fall in love? You know the answers. You’ll watch it anyway. It’s lesbians. We need them at Christmas more than ever and you know it. Play the drinking game of your choice on December 19.

Photo by from Pexels